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  1. youknowho

    How does Walden work?

    Hello! I know they have 8 week sessions. Is a paper required every week? How about the postings? Did you find it doable with work...I work full time M-F and am just looking for answers from people who are going or gone through it. Thanks:)
  2. youknowho

    Calling all nursing administrators!

    Hey there. I was admitted to a MSN program with an emphasis in leadership/admin but have since changed my path. After talking to the higher ups where I work (not a hospital) they recommended I look into non nursing graduate degrees. I took a look and...
  3. youknowho

    Any University of Phoenix NP's here?

    Yes. Research is one of the core courses required for the MSN part of the program.
  4. youknowho

    Any University of Phoenix NP's here?

    Hello. I am set to begin a campus based MSN-FNP program through UOPX this September and am wondering if any nurses have gone through this program. Thanks:)
  5. youknowho

    Orientation length

    My orientation was 3 months including didactic and on the unit.
  6. youknowho

    University of Phoenix MSN-FNP Fall 2011

    It is a ground program which is just fine by me. There are plently of online programs to choose from and I prefer a classroom setting in which your classmates are there in person. For this program, they use admit up to 20 people each cohort. I believ...
  7. youknowho

    University of Colorado Hospital apparently has jobs

    That seems wrong that they will not hire nurses from their own state.
  8. youknowho

    Starting UOPX's PhD. in April

    I am not starting a PhD through University of Phoenix but a MSN-FNP program in September. Just wanted to say good luck and please let us know how it goes for you!!
  9. youknowho

    University of Phoenix MSN-FNP Fall 2011

    Apparently the only place they offer this program in Northern Calif. is in the Sacramento campus. I have a awesome admission/enrollment advisor who told me to give her direct phone number to anyone interested. PM if you want this info. The start date...
  10. Is anyone applying/enrolled to this program in the Sacramento Valley? I applied yesterday and am looking forward to starting. :)
  11. Hi everyone. Just wondering if any one is applying or enrolled to this program in the Sacramento Valley with the September start date? I was so impressed with program and am excited to start!
  12. youknowho

    University of Phoenix MSN Program

    Hi all. I saw that this thread was started in 2006 so I wanted to ask if there are any people out there currently or recently went to the MSN-FNP program. I am in California.
  13. youknowho

    Western University of Health Sciences

    Western University of Health Sciences is in Pomona, not Ontario. It is accredited by the CA Board of RNs. Did you mean another school because they, WUHS, only offer graduate degrees.
  14. youknowho

    Questions about Kaiser Santa Clara

    How was the job fair?
  15. youknowho

    University of South Alabama NP program

    This specialization is new so its probably why people aren't responding. Your stats look good but the best resources would be the school itself. I was looking at this school also so I know that each specialty has someone you can email and ask questio...