Almost over!

  1. One more full day of class and then the finals. Where did the time go??? I can't believe I am finally at the end of this journey. Not only can I see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is blinding me...
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  3. by   gij1
    :hatparty: Hey that is wonderful you are almost done. I know that it is a long & difficult road. Do well on your finals. What area do you plan to work?
  4. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Congratulations! Enjoy graduation! :hatparty:
  5. by   wonderbee
    So happy for you. Pray for those of us left behind.
  6. by   scrubs70
    Congratulations :hatparty:

    Isn't it great when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it ISN'T a Locomotive coming the other way
  7. by   maire
    Congo rats! Good luck on your finals!!!!
  8. by   jenrninmi
    good for you!!:hatparty: good luck on your finals!!
  9. by   manna
    Congratulations! How exciting!
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    leslie, congratulations, much continued success!
  11. by   Anniekins
    :hatparty: CONGRATS!!!

    I'm graduating May 8th from a 4yr. BSN program. What a LONG HARD road its been! I cannot hardly believe I'm nearing the end! I get tears in my eyes (happy ones of course :chuckle ) just thinking about it! I'm excited about the road ahead! wwoohooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to all new grads!!!!!! :hatparty:
  12. by   RN-BamaStudent
    Wow! Congrats!!! And to think, I was excited because it was the end of the semester , can't wait to be in your shoes, good luck on finals!!!