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  1. Anniekins

    Ohio Spring Get Together

    I am an RN in the Cleveland area....would love to get together...add me to the list, please keep me posted as to where/when. xoxoAnnie :redpinkhe
  2. Anniekins

    Evening Shift

    On our floor, we have the most holes on evening shift....you would get a job on eve's no problem! I worked straight evenings for the first 6 monthis after I started...........the shift itself is fun!!! Go ...do your thing...tuck people in for the night...etc etc etc... BUT.......I found it VERY demanding to be there during those hours, and to be there 5 days a week. I missed out on so much (socially that is)....and I would rarely get 2 days off in a row except on my every other weekend. I felt like on my "day" off, I'd be washing clothes and re stocking the refrig!!! I have since switched to 12 hour shifts and LOVE IT. I work 3 12's (11am-11pm so they keep that evening shift hole filled).....and an extra evening shift every other week to keep it a 40hr/week average......and now I am very heppy!!!!! :) Hope I didnt scare ya Annie :redbeathe
  3. Anniekins

    hourly RN pay vs. salaried?

    i am a salary staff rn. at our hospital some areas are salary, others are hourly. mangt. claims that if you divide up the salary into hourly rate, its slightly higher than the hourly people...b/c they figure in a bit of overtime. i will say this......i never get to leave on time. always about 20 min. later. sometimes more........and that on the hourly floor they always get out of report on time, and can even get in trouble for leaving late. its a priority to do report in a "timley" fashion. for overtime...as in extra shifts, we do get paid "block pay" which is a block of money...x amount for a 4 hr block..x for an 8 hr block...etc. it does average out to just about time and a half. i haven't been paid any other way b/c this is my first nursing position, so i can't say if i love it or hate it b/c i don't know it any other way. :loveya: anniekins
  4. Anniekins


    SURGERY! i don't know why he even read this pts chart!!! I felt so bad!!!!!!!! I initially copied this care plan for my little folder we keep........so much for that yeah this caught me off guard!!!!
  5. Anniekins


    I asked b/c I admitted a NEWLY diagnosed AIDS patient (never been dx w/ HIV) w/ a CD4 count of 6!!!!! So one of my nursing diagnoses for him was ineffective individual coping r/t newly diagnosed terminal illness..... A Dr. read this........ (made me feel good they read our nursing notes LOL :chuckle ) but went to my head nurse so I could be corrected AIDS is no longer considered a terminal illness. I consider it, especially under these circumstances terminal. If thats not terminal than WHAT IS???
  6. Anniekins


    Do you consider AIDS to be a terminal illness?? Thanks, Anniekins :pinkheart
  7. Anniekins

    missing narc page

    I believe it was an incident report type of thing. I guess it gets filled out whenever an incident happens regarding the narcs. I should have been more ASSERTIVE I decided I am going to talk to my head nurse and either get my name off or put next to my name unsure why i am required to sign this. Its just the principal. Not good........felt pressured....should not have been put in that situation, and feel terrible that I was not more assertive.
  8. Anniekins

    missing narc page

    What do you guys think of this???????? I work 3-1130. Two days ago when the count was being done between day and evening shift, it was discovered that the PAGE for methadone was missing (although the drug was still there). (it just so happens our narc book was "re done" yesterday and I'd bet it got thrown out by mistake!). Anyways, I was not even aware of this until yesterday when I went to work, I was asked to sign a paper ...... everybody who worked the previous day (day of incident) was asked to sign it. I did not feel right sigining this paper.......it was discovered missing before I started! So I said I didn't feel right signing it...and one of our head nurses said "no just sign it, anyone here yesterday at all has to sign it". and sat right in front of me and stared at me the whole time. So I did sign it. But i don't feel I should have! Neither do the people I told comming at 11 (but technically they should have to sign it too!). whats everyone think??? Should I talk to my head HEAD nurse and tell her how I feel? maybe i can get my name off....hmmmmmm.... Thanks
  9. Anniekins

    Strike Vote

    A hospital in my area, Akron General Hospital, has been on strike 2 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!! They are in a union. A couple of my friends work there!! Has anybody around the country heard about whats been going on?? Sticky Situation. :uhoh21:
  10. Anniekins

    Just checked my results

    CONGRATS TO YOU, Senica, RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :balloons:
  11. Anniekins

    I Passeed Nclex!!!

    :balloons: congrats :balloons:
  12. Anniekins

    I Passed.............

    :balloons: congratulations :balloons:
  13. Anniekins

    NCLEX_RN on 06-23-04

    Good luck to you, my fellow OHIO-AN!!! I took the NCLEX-RN here in Ohio last week and passed at 75 ?'s. It really was not all that bad! I'll be thinking of ya! Keep us posted!!!
  14. Anniekins

    Need your prayers for Wednesday 6/23

    Sounds like you are more prepared this time, and that you know what to expect. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! You will be in my thoughts, and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  15. Anniekins


    Our hospital does not provide scrubs for the nurses, so I wear my own. If they provided them, I'd certainly wear them!
  16. Anniekins

    I Passed!!!

    congrats rainbowsforme, rn!!!!!!!