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Hello.....just curious of the differents types of units that people are interested in working in after graduation........ Me= N I C U !!!... Read More

  1. by   peaceful2100
    Well it looks like NICU or PEDS now more Peds though than NICU. When I first started school it was ER, Geriatrics, ICU NICU, PEDS, or OB. ER was out for me like at the end of my first semester of nursing school. I do not have the personality to be a ER nurse. As far as geriatrics, I ruled that out my first semester. ICU, NICU we will have to wait and see about those two areas. I think OB is out for me. Last week I had my first week of clinical in OB and I don't think that would be a real good fit for me unless it was Mother/baby or nursery. I have done my Peds rotation already and loved every minute of it. I looked forward to getting up at 500 in the morning for my Peds rotation every day we had it. The kids was fun and at my final evaulation for the peds rotation my clinical instructor who has been a Peds nurse for over 25 years, said Tonya I hope you are going into Peds you defintely have the makings of a Peds nurse and will make a truly wonderful Peds nurse. That was good to here because Peds is my strongest interest. I currently work as a care assistant at a Pediatric hospital and I love it there. I have one more semester of rotations next semester and I will see if there is a change of interest in those rotations which will consist of Med-surg, psych and ICU. I am also interested in Community/public health.
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by ryaninmtv
    the or (ortho to be specific). and i graduate friday!!!
    don, congratulations!

    i have a desire and the expectations of working er.
  3. by   futrnurse
    I am going to work the 1st week of July in peds/mother baby and med surg all on one floor... hope to soon specialize in L & D then on to midwifery......
  4. by   NurseAngie
    i am going to work in labor & delivery.
    i would like to specialize in midwifery and women's health(np). this has been my passion for almost eleven years! i also have an interest in psych., and i also plan to get my sane credentials to become a sexual assault nurse examiner. the great thing about nursing is that there is something for just about everyone!

    happy nursing~angie
  5. by   Forevermomof5
    Well I love all your replies and I do certainly love children, but I think that I would like to work oncology or ICU.

    I really like to have patient and family contact and death doesn't scare me at all so I would like to show compassion for these types of patients.

    When I worked in the hospital I took care of a 50-something year old lady who had terminal cancer. She came up from ICU and onto our floor. She was the crankiest thing you ever saw, but it was really just a show. I know her illness was scaring her to death, literally. Nobody wanted to take care of her because of her attitude and guess who they stuck with her....ME! That was such a great thing for me because in the end we were awesome friends, a mother figure. After she went to hospice, I visited her often and was there right before she passed away.

    Now I know as a nurse I won't have the time to go in such depth with a patient, but the compassion can still be there. So....I'm daring to be different!
  6. by   Mkue
    Psych/Mental Health/ER, one of those

  7. by   allthingsbright
    So far I have all these ideals in my head about where I want to work. My first love is Obsestrics and PP care. I have been a doula for the past 5 years and even started working on my childbirthe ducation cert. I would love to teach at some point.

    I am also interested in ICU and CCU and Geriatrics would be very rewarding I think.

    I think it would be wmotionally draining for me to work NICU, PICU or PEDS. Very rewarding in many ways though Also, there are lots of ethical delimmas in NICU according to the nurses I have spoken with. (Of couse, we will experience ethical delimmas wherever we work.)

    I am not interested in working in oncology, med/surg, or in ER. But I haven't started clinicals so I may be influenced in other directions and may change my mind completely. My mom is an RN and I have heard an earful so that has influenced my preferences right now. I want to keep an open mind.

  8. by   cloudydrms
    Since I haven't even started clinicals yet, I'm sure what I think now will change, BUT right now I think I'd like to get into L & D. I know that it can be difficult to get in there, but hopefully...

    Right now I don't think Geriatrics or ER will be my bag, so if I was a betting woman I'd put my money that that'll be exactly where I end up. LOL.

  9. by   studentdeb
    As of right now, I am very much interested in working in labor and delivery. But who knows, later I might find something else interesting.
  10. by   moni rn
    labor & delivery

    my ultimate goal is to become a certified nurse midwife/women's health nurse practitioner. due to my husband's & my experience with infertility, i feel i can be the one that could be there for the couple going through infertility. i hope that makes sense.

    good luck to everyone in whatever you choose! :kiss
  11. by   rachyrach
  12. by   fnimat1
    Definitely Labor & Delivery....coming in at a close second NICU

    "Future RN"
  13. by   DebsZoo
    This is very early for me to be looking at where I want to work after graduation <just starting in Sept.>
    But my first thoughts are towards pediatric oncology.
    I love children, always have, and I think working with these families would be the most rewarding and, yes, heartbreaking too. I have read several threads related to this field, and it has only continued to firm-up my choice.
    I will be open to wherever I feel "called" though, when I actually start clinicals. I want to be where I can do the most good, and where I truly fit.