After Graduation, What Unit Would You Like To Work In???

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Hello.....just curious of the differents types of units that people are interested in working in after graduation........

Me= N I C U !!!


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I don't know yet. After my OR rotation, I became interested in possibly becoming a circulating nurse. I also think I might like L&D, but haven't done that rotation yet. I'm hoping I'll find something I am passionate about with in the next year!:confused:


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I will be working on a cardiac unit starting in July. I went through 3/4 of my program before I found something that made me think... this is it, :D so don't worry, you will find an area that clicks during your rotation. I do recommend shadowing in lots of areas too.

I got to shadow a hospice nurse for a day last week and believe I would like to work in hospice eventually.

It's great that we all have such different interests, I would hate to have us all going for the same job! :eek:



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I'm thinking about Cardiology. But that may change after I start clinicals! I'm open to whatever grabs at me!


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My goal is L&D, but I would like to work any part of mother/baby care. THAT is my passion. :)


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the or !!!!!


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Well as of now L/D or Pediatrics... But who knows.. This is only our first semester and we did Geriatrics, and it isn't my thing... No telling where I will end up :)


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:D NICU for me after graduation...that is where I wanna be. I had my mind made up before nursing school, and my choice has never changed :cool:


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:roll :blushkiss NICU!!!! :roll :blushkiss NICU!!!!


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If I could work on any unit, I think it would be Labor and Delivery.:kiss


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I want to work Med-Surg...I know nothing exciting

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The OR (ortho to be specific). And I graduate Friday!!!

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