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  1. bassbird

    pre-ICU experience

    Hi Jenny Good luck in your career. It's great to have goals established. I have been a nurse for 2 years now. I started on a cardiac stepdown unit. Here I have learned to read monitors, hang drips, etc. Either unit will probably be a good stepping stone to ICU and then on to CRNA school. (I'm heading to the ICU in August) For me, starting on a stepdown unit let me develop my organizational skills and improve my critical thinking. Whichever position you take, ask tons of questions and become a sponge. Good luck
  2. bassbird

    RN to BSN programs

    Sharon, I just started the RN to BSN program at Regis University in Denver. I'm in the 5th week of my first class and so far it has been going very well. I believe the cost for a 3 credit class is $804. There are 30 nursing credits required to graduate besides any other courses you may need. I choose to go the College Network route and need to test out of one class that way. At $268/credit that puts the nursing portion at ~$8040. You may want to check this route out. Good luck, Roberta
  3. bassbird

    ADN to BSN

    I just started working on my BSN through Regis University in Denver. It is an online format which works well with my schedule. I am a second career RN who already has a B.A., but went for the ADN first because it made more sense financially. I decided going back for my BSN was right for me now because I want to have more options available and I love learning. Another bonus for me is that my employer is paying for my school now. Good luck in your decision. Roberta
  4. bassbird

    Holiday differentials?

    The no extra holiday does suck. I have to admit that the rest of the work environment is great though. I have the best health coverage for the least money that I have ever had. We have short and long term disability at no cost, 100% tuition reimbursement (up to 7,200 for graduate, 4320 undergrad), we can take all of our CEU's for free, and a bunch of other benefits that make the no holiday pay a bit easier to understand. I would like to see time and a half for holidays though.
  5. bassbird

    Holiday differentials?

    We don't get holiday pay for any holidays. I was surprised to find this out after I was hired. Oh well. The people who work all 12 hour shifts work 2 holidays per year, and the the 8 hour people work every other holiday. Easter is not considered a recognized holiday here either.
  6. bassbird

    giving my notice

    I have a bit of a dilemma. I interviewed and accepted a position yesterday and now I have to give my notice. The dilemma comes from the fact that when I got to work yesterday, there was a note from my nurse manager that she will be on vacation until Dec. 16th. I want to give my notice this Monday, which will have me being done on Dec 9th. Who do I give notice to? My manager did leave the name of the contact person who is covering for her. Do I call her or try to see her on Monday before I start my PM shift or what? I had already typed up my resignation letter and now I don't know who to give it to. Any advice? Thanks. Roberta
  7. bassbird

    If you could change your user name....

    Hey Susy K, My nickname is Bird or Birdie too! The weird thing is that my husband also had the nickname Birdie when he was young . I guess I'm pretty happy with my screen name, although a lot of people thing of bass as a fish instead of a bass guitar.
  8. bassbird

    A happy birthday to me and I passed

    happy birthday and congratulations moonshadeau!!!!!! wow, i remember how hard you were studying back in june! you deserve lots of pats on the back for your accomplishment. boy now you and jenny p have your ccrn, and here i just took the final for my beginning telemetry class. i guess i have a long way to go, but you two are sure an inspiration. i hope you have a great birthday. by the way, the classmate i told you about will be starting at your hospital in a couple of weeks. thanks for the info. bassbird
  9. bassbird

    How much does your state charge for your nursing license?

    I'm a new nurse in MN and mine was $105 for 2 years, but renewal is $85 for the two years. We also have to have 24 C.E. each time we renew.
  10. bassbird

    another new grad with with RN behind her name!

    Congratulations Joyrochelle, RN !!!! I've been waiting to see your post that you found out your results. I'm so happy for you. Good luck in your new career.
  11. bassbird

    The Results are In!!!!

    congratulations, cindy rn!!! it sure feels good doesn't it? i wish you all the best in your new career!
  12. bassbird

    Please pray for a fellow RN

    susanmary, I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's illness. I'm sending positive thoughts to you both. She is lucky to have such a good friend looking out for her. Take care
  13. I just received a phone call from my sister telling me my Mom has a tumor on her C-4 vertebra. She is having surgery in Fort Wayne this coming Thursday at Lutheran Hospital. Does anybody here work there? The info I have so far is that they need to operate very soon or she could become paralyzed. They won't know until they get in there if it is cancerous or not. The timing really sucks! I start my first nursing job on Monday and can't be there. (I'm in Minnesota) Luckily my sister, who is also an RN, lives 70 miles away will be there. My little brother has a business trip scheduled in Indianapolis and will be able to be there too, although not as a vacation as planned. I know many of you have been through similar frightening situations and can offer words of wisdom and support. Thanks for listening. If anyone works at Lutheran Hospital please let me know. Thanks, Roberta
  14. bassbird

    What is your most valuable piece of advice?

    I just want to thank all or you for your advice. I officially begin my nursing career on Monday and plan to look over this thread often in the upcoming weeks. Moonshadeau, thanks for all of your words of wisdom that you shared with me at the convention, especially the last bit of where our luggage was! :roll You left before I could say goodbye, I wanted to thank you in person.
  15. bassbird

    I lost one of my best friends today

    I am so sorry about the loss of your Sophie . I hope you find comfort in your fond memories of her. Take care (((((((((((bandaidexpert))))))))))
  16. bassbird

    here is the graduation poll

    Graduated with my ADN May 2002. I've been an RN for a week! Graduated with B.A. in 1980