Accomplishment & Reward

  1. We all know (or will soon know) how daunting a task 3-4 years of Nursing School and Pre-Reqs can be. Obviously we all share the same goal of becoming a nurse. A friend of mine eloquently stated to me that any accomplishment is deserving of a reward. Each small victory deserves a small celebration. And once the ultimate goal is achieved we should treat ourselves to an even greater reward. My friend isn't a nurse, but when she was in school she always set goals, and with each small victory (say an A on a test) she treated herself. When she graduated, she not only acheived her ultimate goal (and the rewards that came with her degree) but she also treated herself with a trip to Europe before entering the workforce. She didn't have much support, so these small treats continued to keep her motivated (and sane) as she tackled the ultimate prize.

    So two questions. What little things do you do to reward yourself for an accomplished task. Like an A on a test?

    And when you finally get through Nursing School, what reward do you plan on giving yourself?
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  3. by   chiefswife
    On the last day of the 1st summer session, I went home (from work at 6:00pm), and "took the night off". I opened a bottle of wine and told my husband he needed to cook dinner and take care of the kiddlets. I celebrated the ending of the semester...when I found out I made an A in the course, I didn't really do anything.

    I think at the end of every semester, I'll celebrate in some way...I'm thinking full body massage this time!
  4. by   echo*echo
    Originally posted by sara610

    I think at the end of every semester, I'll celebrate in some way...I'm thinking full body massage this time!
    Oh that sounds so good! I'm packing for my upcoming move, pushing/carrying things to the Garage for a weekend Garage Sale, working on the yard. I want a full body massage now!

    But I will wait until my first A :zzzzz

    Now where did I put my heating pad?
  5. by   Berta
    I told my husband that when I graduate, I want a party. Then I want a vacation....alone, no kids, husband, phone, etc..
  6. by   Jen2
    I use small rewards such as buying a new outfit for an A on an exam, or having a girls night out. Since I will be attending school full time (even over next summer) for the next two years, my best friend and I took our Tax returns and went to New York City for a week over spring break this past spring. It was just a small trip, we went by train and got a great deal on a hotel. Had a blast and am so glad that I took the money and did that. After we graduate we are planning a cruise.
  7. by   B.T.H
    My wife and I are going to school together and after finals we would go out to dinner and a catch a movie. But after we finish the nursing program itself......I'm thinking something bigger to celebrate, like maybe a trip to Vegas for a couple days of losing my money, massages, shows, and having wild nights where I need a few moments to know where I'm in the morning. On second thought.... maybe a family trip to Florida to visit the different theme parks and a cruise would be safer. he,he, B.T.H
  8. by   Carolanne
    After I've reached another milestone, whether it be a test grade, a semester, a report, etc., I do something that will nourish my soul. It doesn't even have to cost anything. A brisk walk by myself on a beautiful morning is wonderful therapy. If it's raining or lousy out, I'll rent that movie that I've been wanting to see and do my nails. I'll pull into the Dunkin Donuts just for me and get a scrumptous coffee coolata - yum!! Little treats can feel just as nice as spending tons of money. Pamper yourself, nurture yourself. These things I do whether I've passed or bombed something. It's still important to take very good care of yourself. Don't let the world run you to the ground.
  9. by   Bevi
    I will celebrate as i always do, with my partner and our son. I've never felt the need to celebrate alone...cause we all sacrifice..not just me...
  10. by   marilynmom
    Fun question!

    My summer semester is now over and tonight I ordered a pizza (something we never do sadly because money is tight) and saturday night we are all (kids included) going to the drive in to see Daddy Daycare, Pirates of the Carrabean (yummy Johnny Depp) and some horror movie. Kids will fall asleep ( so it will be just me and hubby. We really never go to the movies so we are really excited.

    I am always so glad when the semester is over!!

  11. by   Nurse2bSandy
    At the end of each semester... the day after finals... I go to the local beauty college and get a "Lady Pamper". It's a facial or head massage (a good 45 minutes!), a shampoo/blow dry, a manicure and a pedicure. It is so relaxing and I feel great afterwards... and it costs just $35!
    I always think I'd like to do it more often, but never take the time. This last couple of weeks, the day after I finished my final for my final prereq, I flew away from my family to spend a week with my mom alone. It was very nice and relaxing! Then my hubby brought the kids for a week of family fun, and I brought them home so he could have a week alone with the moms. It was nice to be with my mom alone... the first time I have actually done that... but it won't be the last.
    Oh, and when I'm done with school, in 24 months... I will buy me a new car. I've driven the same old car for quite awhile now and hope it lasts that long. I will need and deserve a new ride!
  12. by   dosamigos76
    Like your idea about using the beauty college...we have one too. I think I'll have to try that out. I just finished all my prerequisites last night and tomorrow people from my classes are coming over for a "Make a ice cream sundae" party. Very casual and cheap. They can bring their kids over and we can all relax.

    PS-when I graduate in two years my husband is getting a new motorcycle-he's thinking a goldwing. I couldn't even think about going to school if it wasn't for him. He's my cheerleader and has taken on a lot with our kids. He more than deserves something special.
  13. by   fnimat1
    Wow!!! I'm glad that you brought this up....before now I wouldn't have event thought about it....I have gotten all A's and B+'s in my pre-req's.....and when I found out that I got those grades...I just smiled and glorified G'd. But from now on I will think of things that I can do for myself. I always think of wonderful things to do for my children when they bring home an award or a great report I just have to think of things to do for myself.

  14. by   RN2BTam
    I will graduate just before my youngest son starts Kindergarten, and a few months before mine and my husband's 10 year anniversary. So we are going to take a huge family vacation before I start work and the boys start school. We are thinking maybe Disney for a week, and then a week of total relaxation in the country somewhere! And then we are going to buy my husband a new top-of-the-line truck. He sold his in order to reduce our monthly payments while I am in school. And it was his prized possession! He is sacrificing just as much, if not more, than I am. The next two years are going to require a combined effort and sacrifice, and the accomplishment and rewards will be shared, as well.