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A mini poll: Do you go to school full or part time? Do you work full or part time? I was wondering because I work full time (36) and go to school part time. Once I get into the nursing program,... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    I am a full-time student with a full-time family. I work my butt off.
  2. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I will be working the graveyard shift and get off at 7. Then I have school at 8:30 until about 11. I have labs on mondays from 3-6 and on tuesdays from 5:30-9:30. I am just getting off job orientation so I haven't worked it yet, and I was just wondering when I was going to have time (and energy) to study and sleep too. It is very inspirational to hear about those of you who work full time and go to school full/part time because were all in this together. I pay for school myself so I'm required to work but it builds character and makes me thankful for school more than I would if I didn't work.

  3. by   chiefswife
    I work part time (20 - 30 hrs a week) and this semester will be attending school 3/4 time (10 hrs). It really gets to me during breaks from school - I wish I could just stay home and be a mom and wife during those times and not have to work too.
  4. by   2005 Nurse
    I go to school full time (14hrs this semester) and work part time (25-30 hours varies, drops to 20 in periods of distress ). I don't have a choice, while hubby is taking care of the majority of the financial side, he is self employed, NO HEALTH INSURANCE! To take out a policy (that covers maternity) it would cost over $300/month. So I found a part time job with benefits, and we will just make it through.

    Good Luck to all of you that have taken on such intense schedules this semester. I know we will ALL make it through
  5. by   Ada
    I go to school full time but instruct 6 aerobic classes each week (3 days a week, 2 on each).
  6. by   Nurse2bSandy
    School full time... of course, my full time job before school was wife/mom... that didn't stop just because classes started!
  7. by   pokey sn
    I work 24 hours as a Nursing Assistant and I go to school full time. I think school would be alot harder if I hadn't got all my prereqs and elective classes out of the way before I started the Nursing program. All I have to do is the Nursing classes now!