1 semester down! 4 to go!

  1. To all, especially guys.

    1st semester over with. I passed with a "B"!!! We started with 39 students. (31 female, 8 male). We now have 30. (23 female, 7 male).

    4 semesters and counting!
    :hatparty: Harold
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  3. by   KattB
    So what happened with those 9 people? Is is just various reasons they drop out? Glad for you that only 1 guy dropped! And congratulations on finishing the semester!
  4. by   TopCat1234
    get your groove on!

  5. by   Harold
    Quote from KattB
    So what happened with those 9 people? Is is just various reasons they drop out? Glad for you that only 1 guy dropped! And congratulations on finishing the semester!

    6 for academic reasons, 1 for family problems, 1 because of stress, 1 because she was rich and didn't want to work that hard.

    Sorry it took so long to answer,

  6. by   Mom2kids
    Congrats Harold!
    Wishing you continued success with the rest of your semesters ....(ok, that didn't sound TOO greeting card-ish, did it?!?) Awe, heck, it's after 2am, whaddya expect....LOL.
  7. by   maire
    Woot! :hatparty:
  8. by   Havin' A Party!
    Congrats, H!
  9. by   manna
    Great news, congrats! :hatparty:

    Mom2Kids - I love your sig, I can relate to the excitement in that line - "quitting my job to go to nursing school..." only your quit date is a little earlier than mine! :chuckle
  10. by   klone
    Congratulations! You're 25% finished! I find it helpful to look at it in those terms.

    Wow, I guess the guys have more staying power, eh? I guess little rich girl realized nursing school was too much like real work.
  11. by   Torachan
    It's amazing how quickly the time dissapears. At my school we started with 156 students. The staff were telling us how 1/3 would drop out by the end with most of thos by the end of the year. Imagine their dismay when only 6 dropped out. Imagine our anger that they only asked (and got) clinical placements for 130 students (result clinicals were cut short). It seems like yesterday that I was sitting at the end of my first lecture thinking FireTruck (or something like that) what have I got myself into? Now I am a seasoned student (well kindoff) and can evaluate what they are saying. Even catching the lecturers out in saying things that are wrong (not afraid to point it out either.. hey I'm paying for the right info)

    Wish I had the problem being to rich.

    I found that most ppl dropped out because Uni wasn't for them. One guy was a paramedic with 20 years experience. Now that was a loss to the profession. He now works in a factory. What a shame.
  12. by   LeashRN
    Hi All - I'm the person who posted last week with a 4.0 grade point average - thanks for all the support and encouragement. And you go fellow nursing student! A "B" is great!In our program, we started with 79, by the time the comprehensive final rolled around, 51 took it, 31 passed it, 13 were eligible to retake it (if you went into the final with a 70% or higher, and didn't score the 70 needed to pass, you could take it again 2 days later) outta the group that retested, 7 passed. So, we ended up with 38 out of 79 going on to nursing 200.
    Nursing is by far the most difficult thing I have ever done, however, so far I feel as though I have found my true calling (OK, stop laughing - dramatic I know - but honestly) I helped a few of my classmates for the first final and for the retake and pressure is unreal - then on the day of the retake I had to go to school in the morning (I didn't need to be there til the afternoon) so I could see my peers before they the took the test and to wish them luck, and tell them to take their time with each question. I all my years of various forms of schooling, I have never seen so many tears.
    To all, hang in there!