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LeashRN has 2 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. LeashRN

    Share your ED assessment tips, tricks and routines!

    FOLEY....AIRWAY, BREATHING, CIRCULATION! was a joke that I read in another thread on this site! Come on guys, cardiac nurses are ACLS certified and RUN codes every once in awhile!
  2. LeashRN

    Share your ED assessment tips, tricks and routines!

    Thanks for the advice - will have to modify my practice some. It may be awhile before I get to the ED there are just no ER jobs in my area! ARRRGH!
  3. LeashRN

    Share your ED assessment tips, tricks and routines!

    Now granted, I'm a cardiac tele nurse and for the most part I do focused assessments. But I still like to get a look from head to toe and besides vs/rhythm, check mental status, heart sounds/apical pulse, lungs sounds, bowel sounds/last BM, peripheral pulses/edema, skin/wound and pain assessments. I can introduce myself and do an entire assessment (all things mentioned above) in 5 mins, 10 if the pt is one of those 'train wrecks'. I want to transfer to the ED soon and let me know if I'm wrong, but I would like to maintain this mode of practice when I change specialties. I understand that if working with a trauma pt the entire focus changes, ie; ABC's (foley always first, however). Later all, Leash
  4. LeashRN

    Nicknames you give patients?

    Boy, our unit/nurses are going to have to become WAY more creative! You folks are histerical! Last week on my tele unit I had a 25 YO that I called 'problem child' - that was the best I could come up with. I found him in the shower with his tele monitor and IV pump! The least of my worries was the fact that pt needed a Doc's order to shower on our unit. I was fortunate that he did not escape a second time to the outside to bum cigaretts from people to smoke on our nonsmoking campus. The poor nurse prior to me had to deal with/chart that nonsense. Happy New Year to all! Alisha
  5. LeashRN

    Anyone have dogs and work 12hr shifts?

    Hi, I have 4 Jack Russell Terriers and I work 3 12.5 hour nights a week. I house them in 4 separate indoor/outdoor runs. Inside is 4x4 heated and airconditioned. The outside is 4x8 on concrete and shaded. Both areas have beds. Of course they have toys - stuffed Kongs are a favorite. I always take them on a 2 mile run just prior to going into work - that helps too. This is the only way I would own/house dogs. The set up also works well when I travel I just pay my neighbor to feed and clean each day I'm gone. Alisha
  6. LeashRN

    Anyone get A's in nursing school?

    4.0 for the first 2 of 4 semesters, and graduated with a 3.8 - I only ever received 2 B's. It can be done - you can do it! Alisha
  7. LeashRN

    2 Year RN Programs--advice?

    Any hospital in the world will.
  8. LeashRN

    Off topic: How do you keep house?

    While in school........I DIDN'T!!!!!!!! Alisha:rotfl:
  9. LeashRN

    Anyone have a huge student loan bill?

    Hi Yup, have run up $22,000 in student loans just getting an ADN in 22 months. As far as I know, you can continue to get loans as long as you remain a student. Now as far as full/part time are concerned, I'm not sure. Good luck! Alisha
  10. LeashRN

    Chiari Malformation?

    Thanks for all the kind words and advice. The Dr that has done 300+ graduated med school in 1955 - so he may have been one of the first surgeons to do this. And a large number of Chiari surgeries per year per surgeon is 5. So we're still searching - only as quickly as possible. Alisha
  11. LeashRN

    Chiari Malformation?

    Hello, I am a new nurse (just passed boards on Jan 11) and my husband was just diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. The neurosurgeon finally saw him/us on Jan 18 - the original dx was made by his ortho Dr back in mid-Nov. It took us 2 months to get an appointment with this guy and he is no where near a Chiari expert - he does 1-2 Chiari cases per year. Our problem is the surgeon recommended my husband have surgery in 2-4 weeks and we at this point would like to seek out the best surgeon/neuro hospital. How long will it take to get in to see someone who is really expert in this field. Can we wait? The office manager at the most experienced surgeon's (has done 300+ Chiari surgeries) office told me that we have some time and that I must remember my husband has had this brain herniation all his life. Has any one had any experience with this malformation? Any insight would be appreciated. Alisha
  12. LeashRN

    Does your hospital offer on-site childcare?

    The hospital at which I just accepted a position has on site child care from 0630 to 1930 M-F and if your child is sick they offer in home sick child care at low cost. It was voted one of the 50 best places to work by Women's magazine. Alisha
  13. LeashRN

    OK.....Just took the NCLEX

    I Passed!!!!!! Alisha
  14. LeashRN

    OK.....Just took the NCLEX

    Thanks for the info and well wishes. The thought did actually cross my mind to go to Ohio's license lookup site. Maybe I'll do that, save the $10 and know for sure "OFFICIALLY"! Congratulations to you! Alisha
  15. LeashRN

    OK.....Just took the NCLEX

    thank you guys... Alisha
  16. LeashRN

    How soon after graduation can I take the NCLEX?

    As I stated in my post, I just took the NCLEX today (1-11-06) and I graduated on 12-9-05. There was a problem with my application to the state board of nursing (ohio) - and it is their policy not to contact the applicant regarding the status of the application! I guess we graduates are supposed to read minds or something. Any how, I figured out that there was a problem with my application when other of my fellow grads had their ATT (authorization to test) in mid Dec. So in other words, after graduating on Dec 9th and if I had not experienced any application problems I could have taken the test before Christmas - or at the very latest the 1st week in Jan. I also know that students that graduated last May took their NCLEX before June 1st. So at least in Ohio the process is pretty quick. Alisha