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12 years in financial services, only to burnout and realize my mother was right: I was meant to be a nurse all along!

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  1. Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    i actually woke up with a terrible cold last week and had to cancel my interview at the last minute. it is rescheduled for tomorrow, well today, now that it's after midnight. topcat
  2. Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    hello all! i will be interviewing tomorrow so i'll report back my findings. topcat
  3. Microbiology study group spring 2009

    we started unit 2 which includes ch 5, 6 and 7 this last week. i am using note cards galore to keep track. i still have to read chapters 6 & 7 before the end of the week, and complete the assignments and online labs by friday. i better get cracki...
  4. Really need some encouragement...

    it comes down to being really organized and staying on top of your syllabus. i am taking my pre-reqs (ap1, micro and chem) all online, so i have to be even more organized, since i don't attend a class anywhere. get a calendar or planner and get all ...
  5. Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat
  6. A&P 1 - Spring 2009

    it is pretty much like sand dollar described. i am taking a&p1 and microbiology online thru new mexico junior college. we have a discussion feature, where you are to make a minimum of 3 discussion posts: one to the initial question, one or more...
  7. Anyone with kids?

    my daughter is 4 (almost, feb 8). i take my classes online, so i can work on them anytime. she's currently in school, then day care until 3. i could allow her to stay until 6, but i pick her up so i have a set definite schedule for my classes du...
  8. HELP - Why did you decide to be a nurse?

    my mother was a nurse and could see i had the aptitude and compassion. she always encouraged me to go into nursing, because it was a stable field and it offered huge opportunities. my mother focused on occupational health and safety and became a vp i...
  9. Keiser vs. BCC for Nursing Program in Space Coast??

    either way that's an expensive asn/adn. i suppose it depends on how badly you want it, leocadia. i can go to jc for an asn for about $7,000-$10,000 or i can go for accelerated bsn for $30,000. and i think i might not qualify for financial aid, bec...
  10. Keiser vs. BCC for Nursing Program in Space Coast??

    leocadia - i don't have any info on either school, but are you able to get financial aid at keiser for their program?
  11. A&P 1 - Spring 2009

    one of the downsides of online classes - no cancellations! this is our 3rd week of class and we are on integumentary system. this is another of my 8 week classes, so we move pretty quick. i can post examples of the critical thinking questions we g...
  12. i find this very interesting, as an article in our local paper says almost the exact opposite: tampa - with the tampa bay area's unemployment rate continuing to surge, a growing numbe...
  13. Microbiology study group spring 2009

    i am completing the pre-requisites online through new mexico junior college and st. petersburg (fl) college. i am applying to nursing school at remington college of nursing near orlando. the school's inaugural class started this month, january 2009...
  14. WesternU MSN-E Fall 2009 Acceptances

    all - know that this is a great program! i was accepted 5 years ago, but found out i was pregnant (high-risk) prior to the start of the program and gave up my seat i am now starting over in an area that does not have grad entry msn and i am now purs...
  15. Microbiology study group spring 2009

    sorry i am coming in late to the game on this.. class started jan 12 - online. 16 week class. we are using tortora funke case's microbiology: an introduction. each unit is 2 weeks long and we usually cover 2-4 chapters per unit. unit 1 went over chap...