Young Nurses

  1. Are you young and a nurse or know someone who is young and is a nurse, share your experiences and thoughts, thanx!
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  3. by   Thepreacherswife
    Last year I had a meeting with the Rn over the Nursing Dept. at my College to ask about what steps I had left to complete. She was really nice, but this part is what got me...she said"you know you are really young to be here I mean the majority of the applicants are in thier mid-40's." I was like give me a break! (didn't say that to her) I am only 21 but still, you would think she would be happy that I know what I want to do with my life now while I am young!!
    Still getting my sciences done to enter the program. It may take me one science a semester (because I am not a science person!) but I will get there by studying and applying myself!
  4. by   Faeriewand
    I think some young nurses/nursing students will encounter discrimination because of their age. What a shame. My class has all age ranges and each adds to the program.
  5. by   NoWaNrN
    I am an LPN now(doing my RN fast track 2 semesters to go!) and working in a nursing home with aids twice my age did not like a 24 y.o. nurse tell them what to do. Most of the aids did what they were supposed to. I dont have a big head or an attitude when I am working either. I feel like they know theyre job and I shouldn't have to babysit, but if someone is dirty I ask them to clean them up in a nice way. I feel we need young nurses, if you look at the retirement statistics alot of nurses are near retirement and were are in need - of any age really.
  6. by   Nurseboy1
    The biggest problem that I encounter is that all the older nurses automatically assume that I'm a new grad.
  7. by   nursey_nurse
    Quote from Nurseboy1
    The biggest problem that I encounter is that all the older nurses automatically assume that I'm a new grad.
    LOL...I know what you mean. I was 19 years old when I entered my ADN program and was 21 when I finished. It was funny cuz here I was at 19 pushing morphine and giving vicodin as a student nurse, and I couldn't even get myself a bottle of beer. I must look really young though, cuz I just started the BSN program at a state university and when I tell people this is my first semester they always seem to think my first semester in college EVER
  8. by   VivaRN
    I also look young. The supply stocker once asked me if I was old enough to be a nurse. When I started orientation my preceptor looked at me, gasped, and loudly exclaimed "She looks like she's 16!!!." Thanks...

    Though on the positive side, I once had a very honest patient give me his opinion: "When I first saw you I thought, she's so young! But then I saw you knew your stuff and really care about your job" (Etc.)

    Every time I get comments I think of that man.

    Everyone says I'll be thankful when I'm 40... maybe I'll finally look 23
  9. by   RN BSN 2009
    Just as long as you got the title behind your name, you're just as qualified as anyone else!!
  10. by   momma&nurse2B
    I'm nearly 26 years old and about to start nursing school this fall (yippeee!), but while doing my prerequisites I have found out that my fellow students assume I'm 18 or younger. I've been married nearly 6 years and have a 3 year old child, so I FEEL like I'm in my 40's sometimes LOL, so its nice to know some people think I look younger than I feel! But I don't want this to cause problems for me as a student nurse and nurse...I don't want my patients to think I look too young to be a nurse (I get that now from people at restaurants: "you don't look old enough to have a child that age!") Then again, I'm fairly sure that by the time I graduate from nursing school, I will have "aged" quite a bit so maybe there is nothing to worry about!
  11. by   SashaO
    i get it all the time. i'm half asian and half caucasian so i'm petite but with big eyes. people say i look exotic but i feel like i look like an anime character really, or a big doll. i'm 22 and people think i'm 16. i get carded everywhere i go. the ironic part is i feel like i'm 40 in my mind. maybe i had to grow up so fast my youth hasn't caught up yet.
  12. by   Dolce
    I graduated from nursing school when I was 20 and now have almost three years of experience under my belt. People usually don't question whether I am old enough to be a nurse because I try to be as professional as possible when I am introducing myself to patients or new staff. However, being a young nurse is not a piece of cake. So many things that you learn from life are missing. I remember making some really dumb mistakes in nursing school just because I was so young and so green. But, time heals all wounds and now I get along really well with more experienced nurses because they are happy to have young people joining the profession. Also, since most of my coworkers are my parents age, it is like having 20 "surrogate moms" to work with!
  13. by   gonzo1
    I was in school with several girls age 18-19, graduated and working at 19-20. All but one were very dedicated, hardworking, intelligent, compassionate nurses and I am proud to say I know them. Wish I could list them by name here, but can't.
  14. by   gt4everpn
    nurses! , i'm glad we do what we do no matter what our ages! but of course i love being a nurse at my tender age, and wouldn't trade it for da world, no matter what anyone thinks!
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