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  1. VivaRN

    accepted supervisor position, need resources

    Just wanted to update this thread to say that I am loving my job! Oddly enough I have always been someone who I felt had more anxiety than others, mostly around wanting to be sure I did the right thing. It made me a good clinician but it wasn't alw...
  2. VivaRN

    A question for those who have been fired?

    I was fired nearly a year ago and, while it still impacts me in my weaker moments I can honestly look back and say it was a positive. It got me out of a job I was clinging to more for stability than because I enjoyed it. I was completely open about...
  3. VivaRN

    Did I burn my bridges?

    Admittedly I am a new supervisor so perhaps those with more experience will have a different perspective, but I would not think badly of you. You were honest and transparent the whole time. You were only doing staff nursing for a month. You have b...
  4. I am an HIV NP through and through and through and through and... (well, you get the idea). 1) I love the patient population 2) Talking about sex and drugs is part of my job 3) Guidelines change all the time and there is always something new 4) ...
  5. VivaRN

    Change of Name.

    Why should the term "Nurse" in NP be demeaning? We have had so many strong nurse leaders in our profession - here are some of my faves: Lillian Wald, Margaret Sanger, Bobbi Campbell, Mary Breckinridge (please google these people if you don't know wh...
  6. VivaRN

    Would you do it all over again?

    I've been an NP now for a little over 3 years. Just like being an RN, you have to find your niche and a job that is good to you, but that is true in every profession. I've changed jobs a few times, paid my dues as an NP and finally found a job that...
  7. VivaRN

    Help! My 1st NP job sucks!

    I'm all for having a sit-down with the nice doctor and/or the practice manager. They invested in you enough to bring you in and it is in their interest to keep you. I would be very upfront about your learning needs and need for precepting, your des...
  8. Thank you, I was thinking if the individual acts out again to say very firmly "personal attacks will not be tolerated. We can meet to discuss privately after the meeting."
  9. Hello, Looking for advice without giving too many details... I am a new supervisor and one of my duties is to chair a committee of interdisciplinary staff ~ about 20+ people. At a past meeting, before I was hired, one committee member stole th...
  10. VivaRN

    When did you earn your wings?

    lol, every time I think I've "arrived" a situation will come along to challenge me. But hey, that is what life is all about! Though I did feel my life was complete when I dx'd pharyngeal gonorrhea, rectal gonorrhea, and of course gonorrhea from...
  11. VivaRN

    accepted supervisor position, need resources

    Thanks so much for replying, I want so much to do well and step into my role with confidence. Mentoring is a great idea. I will follow up on that! Do you have any advice for how I should approach the employees as their new manager? You said your ...
  12. Hello, I recently accepted a supervisor position because it was the one that was open of two positions I've had my eye on for a long time. While this job is not directly clinical it deals with evaluation of a large-scale clinical program. One posi...
  13. Honesty is always best. I know of a candidate at another facility who had an outstanding interview but failed to mention a termination. It was uncovered by HR. He was not selected for the position because the hiring manager felt this candidate was...
  14. VivaRN

    sticky interview situation - what to do

    I completely agree! This is why I want the person with more experience to be the supervisor/leader until I'm ready to take that on. I'm just not sure how to say that gracefully or if I should even try.
  15. VivaRN

    sticky interview situation - what to do

    lol, all of the above! I have worked with the person in position #2 professionally and personally. I am also a lot younger than that person and don't have as many years of experience. I have never been anyone's direct supervisor so that would be ...