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Hello, everyone... This may be a very strange question to ask, but I promise that answering it will really help my decision making. I had originally applied to a 4-year college with the intention... Read More

  1. by   solneeshka
    Quote from angel337
    i agree with this completely. alot of people become nurses and realize that nurses are not as respected as they thought and usually that's only the beginning of job dissatisfaction.
    Quote from llg
    ...if ... social status is really important to you.

    ...if ... you need to be the boss all the time.

    ... if ... you can't balance the "hard sciences" with the social sciences and humanities. All are critical to nursing.
    In regard to the top two here, I've had a completely different experience. I never expected social status when I went in to nursing, but I've been amazed at how impressed people are when I tell them I'm a nurse. I had heard that nursing was one of the most respected professions, but I didn't really get it until I started experiencing people's reactions to learning that I am a nurse. I will admit that I love it. But it also comes with things like routinely having to change the soiled briefs of patients.

    Also about being the boss all the time, I feel like I'm the boss more than I want to be! There is so much more independent decision-making that goes in to being a nurse than I had realized there would be. It's a little overwhelming at first, but with experience comes confidence, and I really like that part of the job. Any field comes with managers who are prone to Random Displays Of Authority; I have found that I have more independence in nursing than I ever had in finance.

    The third comment I totally agree with. You will be a waitress sometimes and a psychotherapist other times and (literally) a life-save other times. You have to be willing and able to run the whole gamut with any given patient.

    Your question is a really good one. I asked the same thing when I became interested in the field. My sister-in-law, a 20+ year vet of the ICU answered by saying that she didn't expect to get yelled at so much. I was shocked and asked, who yells at you? She said the patients, the families, the doctors, the administration...Holy cow! I have not found that to be the case at all. Once in a while with a patient, maybe, but never with a doc or managment. I think the medical field has varying "personalities" in different parts of the country, so maybe post your question on the board for whatever your state is. I found nurses in my home state (where SIL is) seemed largely unhappy, but where I went to school, the nurses were treated much better. I work in yet a third state and have had no problems here, but it's only been a month.

    I shall don my flame-retardant attire now and point out that if you go the nursing route and start to have second doubts, you can become an NP and do many of the things that may appeal to you about the doctor route. Or you could also always go to medical school later. People say doctors who have been nurses make the best doctors. Whatever you do, do it before you have kids because good lord it's a lot of work. Best of luck!
  2. by   Scrubby
    Anyway you should not become a nurse if your too judgemental. Of course nurses are entitled to personal opinions but as we live in a diverse society we should respect other peoples values and belief systems.

    You should not become a nurse if you have no idea what nursing is about. Do your research first to see if nursing is for you. It's not glamourous like Grey's Anatomy it is hard work and a lot of stress and tears.

    You should not become a nurse if you cannot stick up for yourself. Nurses need to be assertive so we can advocate for our patients. Research also shows that there is lateral violence in nursing and if you don't want to be the next meal you have to be able to stand up for youself.
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  3. by   ChristyRN2009
    But broadly, I don't think you should become a nurse if you don't like people in general. An ability to find good in most people is especially needed.
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  4. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    Quote from Tanzanite
    You should NOT become a nurse if you have any prejudices or just don't like the majority of people. Also , if you have little tolerance or short temper to stupidity of others you shouldn't be a nurse.
    How do you figure? Based on that logic myself and most of the nurses I know shouldn't be doing this. I'd like to counter with:
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    You should NOT become a nurse if... think all your coworkers will be compassionate angels
    You can be a great nurse without being your patient's friend.
  5. by   jlyn77nurse
    I hope you have a chance to read this, I too wanted to be a doctor from the time I was 15 years old, but chose nursing instead. Please read.

    ...if you want to be respected and honored for your education and intelligence.

    ...if you don't have self-confidence of STEEL

    ...if you aren't a true people person

    ...if you don't have a really good sense of humor

    ...if you expect respect from others

    ...if you are intelligent enough to find a job that pays as much or more

    ...if you have high blood pressure or aren't able to do a great deal of physical activity or handle an immense amount of stress.

    ...if you think that doing the right thing will keep you out of trouble or keep you from losing your job


    By the way I have been a nurse for 3 years and I absolutely hate the BS that comes with the job. I wish to God that I could just take care of my patients. There is so much more to nursing; politics, beaurocracy, back-stabbing, people talking bad about you behind your back, nurses looking to get promoted with bad attitudes that will do anything to make you look bad so they look good for noticing and reporting it to their boss, patients that expect insted of appreciate, family members of patients who are hateful and demanding, doctors who are jerks and get mad at you and even yell at you or report you to your manager for calling them about their patient, I could go on and on but I will spare you.

    There are some good things about being a nurse, especially if you love to help people in need. That is one of the few wonderful things I get out of my job. The one or two loveable, grateful, precious patients that you would do anything for are so few and far between that it doesn't make up for the negatives. And I have worked at many places, hoping it was "just that hospital" that was bad, only to find more of the same or worse at another facility.

    Save yourself-------------do something else.

    I'm sorry for being so negative, but I hope I have given you some insight to what Nursing is really like. You may be one of the few who really enjoy the profession.

    Good luck with your decision and best wishes.
  6. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    ... you aren't willing to get a little down and dirty.

    ... you think that nurses don't have to fight for fair pay and benefits like every other profession.

    ... you're going to use it to find a rich doctor husband/wife.

    ... if you think that nursing is just like how you see it on TV and in the movies.

    ... if your looking for the typical 9 - 5.

  7. by   chicookie
    you should not become a nurse if want to be a martyr. want to help everyone. are emotionally weak. take things too seriously. can't stand up for yourself.
  8. by   GN Dave
    if... you can't hold your bladder for a twelve hour shift...
  9. by   soulofme
    if you're already a politician...because it's about other people and helping and not about yourself. Plus, ya can't be a habitual liar!
  10. by   justavolunteer
    I am 'justavolunteer' on a patient unit. I would say do not become a nurse (or respiratory therapist or anything else) if you have never set foot in a hospital. Consider volunteering if possible first. You won't get to do much direct patient care. You will see blood and cross paths with bad smells, patient sores, etc. if you are there long enough. Volunteering will at least give you an idea if you can stand to be there.
  11. by   bill4745 are doing it just because of the salary. insist on taking regularly scheduled breaks.
  12. by   nolabarkeep
    You should not become a nurse unless you are somewhat of a masochist.
  13. by   kadell
    if you think there will always be an array of jobs to choose from