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  1. 4 Reasons Ghosting an Employer is a Bad Idea

    I had jobs in a different field than healthcare. I always figured it was good to go without shooting flame or just walking away. Once, my company was taken over by someone else & I decided pretty quickly to find another job. I gave notice &...
  2. Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    I would say as 'justavolunteer' that there is a job ranking in the sense that RN's have to get a doctor's order for many things. However, that does NOT mean that a physician is God & the nurse is a doormat. Nurses rightfully raise concerns with...
  3. Accomadating patients racist request?

    The only time I could see doing such an assignment is for a dementia patient, so the staff person wouldn't get such grief. Otherwise, the choice should be 1.) you get who you get or 2.) we'll be glad to point you to the front door.
  4. What's the strangest phone conversation you've ever had at work?

    This was a phone call I heard as 'justavolunteer' once. To start, one day I showed up to volunteer. Every few minutes, the overhead page was "Dr.X, call 1234", "Dr X, call 7890", lots of different numbers. Finally, a nurse on my unit needed Dr. X...
  5. Thank you

    A big Nurses' Week thank you to nurses & CNA's everywhere, for all you do for your patients.
  6. Staff Retention Policies

    How about having enough nurses for the type of unit + enough support staff (CNA's) for the needed help. The good news is that I'm really appreciated as a volunteer. The bad news is that there aren't enough RN's & CNA's on my unit for the work l...
  7. I Was Your Nurse Today

    I am 'justavolunteer' on a patient unit. I have been around when patients have passed away. I see the obvious grief not only with the families, but also how a death affects the patient's nurse. Nurses are generally caring people who don't like to ...
  8. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I am 'justavolunteer' on a patient unit. I think a new job in any field has the potential to cause a person to feel overwhelmed at first. This is especially true of nursing because the stress level is so high. Also, unsafe staffing levels, unreali...
  9. I think I will give negative feedback

    I am 'justavolunteer'. I have volunteered more than one place in my life. Practically the first thing I was told each time is to stay away from politics or religion. Two very incendiary subjects.
  10. You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    Obviously not the same when you're 'justavolunteer', but I have walked in to have charge nurse & clerk both say "thank goodness you're here". It will busy for me & probably a day from hell for the staff. Other times I've come in to see a wh...
  11. What you didn't know

    My heart breaks to read an article like this. I am 'justavolunteer' & I've seen this kind of thing often. Patients on a restricted diet raising a ruckus because they can't have a cheeseburger & fries on a lowfat or cardiac diet. ADA pts ho...
  12. Being a Nurse After Being a Patient

    I not a nurse, 'justavolunteer', but I've been a pt. at the same hospital where I volunteer. The times where I've been NPO or out of water and having to ask someone for more have always stuck with me. Usually when I hear a new patient is coming, my...
  13. Patient drives off after anesthesia

    I have had outpatient procedures myself & so has my wife. The pre-procedure instructions generally say "responsible person has to come with you, stay during procedure, then drive you home. No person with you = we don't do the procedure".
  14. Entering ANY career field hoping to meet a spouse would be a really bad idea (my opinion). If you do, that's nice. But what if you actually hate your chosen field? Hopes & dreams won't necessarily make up for lots of miserable days or nights.
  15. Any good patient prank stories?!

    As a volunteer, occasionally I've volunteered on a day when I'm not usually there. Someone inevitably asks why I'm there. I will say "but I'm always here on Wednesday (when it's actually Thursday). There's usually the deer-in-the-headlights look b...