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solneeshka has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU, Surgery, Acute Medicine.

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  1. Does your facility keep cricothyrotomy kits on crash carts? I'm getting info that it's not standard, which seems odd to me. Just trying to survey the landscape and see what others are doing.
  2. Block Time Utilization?

    Any ASC managers out there, or any other folks who would happen to know, care to share how you arranged block times for your surgeons, and more than that, how you calculated room utilization rates? I'm managing an ASC that is a department of a large ...
  3. Cleveland Clinic EVAR graft question

    I'm a nurse. I'm involved in negotiating prices for our implants. I know what they cost; we use them and I can see very easily what we pay for them. My question was is in regard to a specific other facility, who I'm told uses a different pricing mode...
  4. Cleveland Clinic EVAR graft question

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I'm not looking reimbursement information or or total cost of stay info or anything like that. I know that no one can give out the prices that they pay for the actual grafts. Just looking for the process that they (or, more lik...
  5. Anyone out there from Cleveland Clinic who would be willing to field some questions about how you arrived at EVAR/TEVAR endograft pricing? I know you can't share the prices and wouldn't ask you to, just would like insight as to the process of how you...
  6. Why do nurses constantly say they don't hire ASN?

    Are you sure they *have* to pay for that ACLS? I have to have a license to be a nurse but my facility doesn't pay for it.
  7. Why do nurses constantly say they don't hire ASN?

    As someone who has spent time in management (and thus making hiring decisions), I can say this sounds a little paranoid...what manager has the luxury to say I'm going to hire Suzy over Sam because Suzy will have to go into debt because she doesn't ha...
  8. Hypoglycemia Mystery Theater

    It wasn't a cardiac stent that he got, it was a carotid stent. He wasn't a Cath lab pt, although the stent was placed via groin access. He didn't need the neo to keep his BP safe or at baseline, it was because the surgical team wanted to maintain a c...
  9. Hypoglycemia Mystery Theater

    I haven't checked in to allnurses for a while, sorry! But the only resolution I got was that he did go home the next day, as scheduled. I assume that means there wasn't a concern for some unusual issue that might have caused it, but I don't know for ...
  10. Hypoglycemia Mystery Theater

    At the time of the incident, there were no IVF infusing because he was eating and drinking very well. They had been DCed.
  11. Looking for some career insight

    Apply! This kind of thing is not that unusual, and you have a great reason to give to your "new" employer - you realize how much you loved working for them in the first place and you want to go back! Keep in mind that it might close doors at your cur...
  12. What to do if you disagree with the care of another nurse's pt?

    It's posts like this one that make me glad I work at a gigantic teaching facility. The place is crawling with residents, and on the medicine floors, crawling with hospitalists, even at night. Everything (usually) moves fast; you call for help, it sta...
  13. 12 hour shifts and young kids

    A lot depends on whether or not you have another adult living in the household. Are you married? If so, does your husband pick up the slack? If so, then your kids will be like a bazillion other kids all across America who don't have full time stay-at...
  14. Hypoglycemia Mystery Theater

    The BMP glucose was "
  15. I'm tired of screwing up at work

    In our facility, incident reports for lab specimens are automatically done by the lab. When it happened, I also e-mailed my manager to let her know what had happened (so I could provide the information while I still remembered it). This situation ...