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We have a large unit, over 80 nurses. Our unit want us to all pick up 8 hours a month so that the very low seniour people can get vacation. My beef is I have worked there for 18 years and why... Read More

  1. by   BittyBabyGrower
    Thanks for the replies...I am hoping to be moving to another unit if a position opens up...at least there I won't have to pick up the time!
  2. by   Alnamvet
    Having to work extra so that newbies can get their vacations is ridiculous; if the newbies get burnt out so early in the game, than health care is definitely not for them. Now, I do know, that nurses have the ability to set aside their biases/resentments/penchant for turning on each other, as in the following example: a nurse I used to work with in the ED lost her husband, a FF/Paramedic due to the cavalier attitude, and gross negligence of a useless ED doc. Her husband was not only mis-diagnosed in the ED, but by his PMD as well. To make a long story short, this gal just gave birth to her 2nd child, husband dies, and she is beside herself in grief; she also had no vacation or PAL time, in fact, prior to her husband's demise, she was treated rather shabbily by management because of her frequent call outs...all legitimate, but, nevertheless, was threatened with termination. Anyway, over 800 hours of PAL time was donated by hospital nurses, so that she could take off whatever time needed to recoup, and this is one time where I saw nurses at their very best. I wish it wouldn't have to come to this for nurses to come together, but I am proud of those nurses who did the right thing. Without digressing any further, hell no would I work extra so that new guys can go on vacation.