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  1. Already have B.S. in Biology and want to go back to school for nursing

    I also had the BS in biology first, and then returned to school for nursing. I'm glad that I chose the accelerated BSN route, for it has led to a really wonderful job in research nursing. The physicians who interviewed me were very interested in cred...
  2. First response for severe burn??

    Wow, nerrollus -- great answer.
  3. Nurse dates doctor openly at work.

    I really don't think it's your business. If she wants to talk about it, just tell her flat out that you think it's inappropriate & don't want to hear her jabber; but otherwise, who really cares? You're there to take care of patients & do your...
  4. People who say they died and were brought back to life

    oooh, I wanna hear the story! I read all the time, and am just fascinated.
  5. Colostomy Question, what happens to the meds?

    Some oral drugs are absorbed from the stomach (portal circulation to liver), but the major site of entry into the systemic circulation is the duodenum (small intestines). I'm not aware of medications being absorbed by the large intestines. Am I inco...
  6. Received this email today and I am steamed!!!

    It says more about the "experienced" nurse than the "graduate". I think most experienced nurses can relate to it, and how we began our careers with so many ideals -- most of which have fallen by the wayside now that we have experienced the reality of...
  7. Should a 'old dog' change?

    You're bored & wondering if you should make a change? My answer: YES! Life is short. Listen to your heart, not your fears. Nurses have lots of options. It's hard to get started in the process of making a change, but it's exciting, too! Your heart...
  8. Accelerated BSN - Do employers really care where you went?

    I used to think "no", but now that I've decided to leave the hospital environment & apply for a research nursing job with a physician group, I've found that it definitely matters. Nurses may not care where others have attended school, but MDs def...
  9. Is Ativan 10 mg po per dose too much?

    Please let us know if that doc eventually apologizes to you personally, as she should.
  10. clinical research nurse coordinator

    bumping to top
  11. I'm so sad...sorry this is really long

    I think that intuitively you already know all this, but I'm going to write it anyway: Your daughter is probably a very normal kid, since "difficult" behavior is just part of growing up. All kids go through stages, and months from now she'll probably ...
  12. Propofol

    We use propofol gtts for INTUBATED pts in my med/surg ICU. It's a godsend, since pt's can be sedated or awoken within minutes. Our protocol allows us to use it for 8 hrs & then switch to a versed gtt, unless otherwise ordered by the MD. As for co...
  13. CHILD CARE vs. Nursing Schedules

    We've had great success with daycare. Our son started part-time care at 5 months. I would work 3 12-hr shifts per week, and be with him full-time on my days off. When I worked nights, I would use daycare in order to get some sleep. We found a loving,...
  14. Why would a CRNA not be allowed to do hearts,OB, Cardio?

    job protection for anesthesiologists? liability insurance costs for hospital?
  15. clinical research nurse coordinator

    I will be working as a Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator for a medical group in a few weeks. I would like to prepare for my job. Does anyone know of valuable professional or informational web sources that are applicable to this role? I would partic...