Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted? - page 6

Currently doing 12 hour overnights in a job I'm not very fond of, mostly clock watching. But this job is 15 minutes away. I have been offered a position I'd really enjoy, on the day shift, but... Read More

  1. by   NKS82
    I'd totally do it. I'm student nurse at the moment and commuting 4h/day to attend the nursing program I wanted to go. I've a nursing program in my city as well, but has not as good reputation as the one I'm in.
  2. by   applesxoranges
    I did it as a PCT because it was in an ER that I would never see people I knew. However, I was last hired so I was first laid off and ended up 20 minutes away in a hospital ER where I saw people I knew all the time.
  3. by   OCRN3
    Yes an hour is not too bad. Make a list of the pros and cons of the jobs. What if the only con is the hour drive and there is like 20 pros?!? I think you need to think of both good and bad and if the cons outweigh the pros then no don't do it!
  4. by   nursebythesea
    I ended up staying close by. I have 2 children at home. I thought It would be better to stay close enough to get to their school, for when the nurse calls, sporting events, etc. But Im regretting the decision and looking around again!