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  1. by   mandrews
    Quote from jnette
    TiddlDwink.. surely you JEST !!!

    we're allowed one apron per shift (!) I'm talking about a dialysis clinic, now...blood flies, spatters, and spills. Right...
    Maybe they'll ask us to start washing our gloves next and reuse them.....

    If it weren't for the nurses and DON and our great patients, I wouldn't be there !
    We have a nursing home in my area that decided to allocate one pair of gloves to each staff member. A CNA called the Health Dept and withing 24hrs it was surprise inspection time!

  2. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I work in an office setting so my frustration might be different. I can't stand it when patients call for their medication and then ask if it has been fill like an hour later. (We have a 24hr refill policy even though most offices are more like 48 and we 90% of the time get it done the same day)