without a job until after new years

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    I am a new RN that passed NCLEX. I am writing to maybe vent or maybe get some advice who knows. Anyways I just found out I cannot be a graduate nurse (you know start working) right now rather I have to wait 2 entire months. At this point I am exhausted and completely burned out. I haven't made any money for 2 stinking years and i literally don't have food to eat. I need a job and I need one now. I come from an extremely dysfunctional family and I am the only person to not only graduate but become a nurse. I even did extremely well in nursing school. The thing is I am at an extremely low point in my life...yes I did pass my nclex in 75 questions under one hour and all that crap but i NEED to eat and pay my rent. At this point I have a friend that is an escort and she advised me to do what she does so I can afford to buy food and pay my rent this month. I never thought I would end up doing such a thing but I am desperate. I have cried all night knowing I will be getting paid for sex but there is nothing i can do. There is no other job in the world that will pay be so much money on the spot. I have no friends that are nurses nor do I feel comfortable reaching out to the nurses I do know. I wish I could do anything but escort but I have no clue as to what and my rent is coming up.

    Anyways I hope you guys have a great christmas...
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  3. by   cleback
    I hope this is a troll post.
  4. by   Triddin
    Any local food banks or shelters
  5. by   cleback
    Double post.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Why do you have to wait 2 months to work? I've never heard of such a thing.
  7. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    Assuming this is legit, why do you have to wait 60 days until you can work as a nurse?
  8. by   Ruas61
    If you get busted for 'escort' work your nursing career is toast.

    Sell, pawn stuff- hustle yourself at a couple of jobs- temp jobs galore for the Holiday season.

    See if you can strike a deal with the rent people.
  9. by   pixierose
    Ok, I'll pretend this is real for a sec.

    (A.) why on earth would you need to wait two months?

    (B.) ok, I just can't go there ... I've been in bad spots before and, no. Escorting wasn't the first place my mind went. Or the second. Or the top twenty.

    Food banks, temp jobs (YOU HAVE A DEGREE), pawn shops, etc etc.
  10. by   Pepper The Cat
    Get a temp job as a waitress, or sitter. Walk dogs, put up flyers to be a pet sitter..
    Uber driver.
  11. by   applewhitern
    I would simply starve before I risked my license, career, health, and life, by being an escort, period.
  12. by   caliotter3
    Apply for a nursing assistant job at a LTC facility. If you are in CA you can work as an NA in LTC for four months without a CNA certificate. If you are elsewhere, you might be able to get a straight NA job with just your RN license. CNAs earn considerably more than minimum wage nowadays. You can make your rent with CNA pay at a full time schedule. They might even offer you your first RN job if you are a good employee.
  13. by   amoLucia
    I think this is a popcorn-worthy post.
  14. by   Jedrnurse
    I don't know; a nurse-hooker with a heart of gold? I'm seeing a Julia Roberts/Richard Gere reunion movie in our future...