Will someone PLEASE pinch me!!!

  1. I'm here in AZ, and I'm just have to be asleep, and dreaming all of this! You know the strange thing is...that I had never really considered AZ as a place to take an assignment. Every since I started traveling, I have heard about nurses coming to AZ during the winter months. But it just wasn't something I was interested in doing, or going. Well now I'm here...and I just want someone to pinch me...because I can't believe how GREAT I feel, and how up I have been lately! I'm totally enjoying my time here! Last nite started off as being kind of scary.,..as we only had myself and another RN, but they found us help, and very good help too!

    Since we had no CNa, one of the CN nurses from days...stayed over to take VS for us, and the ortho tech, came over to help us out with our 4am VS when she had finished her work, and had some down time. She emptied our hampers and our trash too! I'm just sooo impressed with the teamwork here...I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak.

    Once again, I'm enjoying being a nurse. I'm working with nurses who don't make LPNs feel like second class citizens, and have called two MDs at nite, who were a nice, and didn't act like I was the enemy!!! The ones I have met have been laid back and very friendly!! One even ASSISTED my pt up to the bathroom!!!! I have yet ot have more than SIX pts on nites!!! I came on the other nite to only be given FOUR pts, and got one surgery, and then one admission!!!! Management has just about leaned over backwards to be nice and helpful.!! Where am I??? I have I died and gone to heaven, and I just don't know it??? Anyone want to join me...come on down!!

    Beware...If ANYONE wakes me up I'm gonna shoot ya..:chuckle:!!!
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  3. by   biscuit_007
    consider yourself pinched :roll
    Really i am glad you like it. I had only 1 assignment that i really loved when i was traveling. If you ever get a chance go to Roanoke virginia!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    wow GOOD FOR YOU! so happy to see your work going so well. hope you continue to love it!
  5. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by biscuit_007
    consider yourself pinched :roll
    Really i am glad you like it. I had only 1 assignment that i really loved when i was traveling. If you ever get a chance go to Roanoke virginia!
    Thanks biscuit..:chuckle:..and I'm still grinning..! You know I've never considered Virginia either....but I have been to Roanoke and It IS beautiful there...! So who knows...I might just stop by..
  6. by   Brownms46
    Hey thanks SmilingBluEyes..! I sure hope so too..)! I do miss Wa. too though.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN

    Glad you found a place that you can recharge your batteries and enjoy nursing again!
  8. by   Mkue
    brownie, i'm glad you are enjoying az and the people that you are working with!. sounds like a great place to be !!

    consider yourself pinched !!:chuckle
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    See? Being out west isn't so bad! I am so glad things are going well for you! :kiss
  10. by   bblou
    I'm glad you are having a good experience in AZ.
    Has anyone out there ever worked on a cruise ship? I'm interested in doing that after I obtain my ADN.
  11. by   saskrn
    Just wondering where in AZ you are?? Sounds like exactly what I need! I'm happy for you!
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i am glad things are going well for you!
  13. by   CATHYW
    Brownms46, at least you are appreciating what you have! A physician who helps a patient to the bathroom qualifies for sainthood, in my book! At least somebody is having it good!
  14. by   Brownms46
    Cathy I was soo out done when this Md told me what he had done..!! He even sat down and was telling us clean jokes! I have had a hard time telling who the MDs are here! I mean they talk to you like real people..! And Leah J..I'm a several miles just north of PHX. I'm scheduled to work tomorrow, and for the first time in a long time...I'm looking forward to going to work.

    Thanks all you guys for the good feedback! Most of you know I have always thought that agency/travelers get a raw deal most of the time. But on this assignment ...that is totally not the case! I don't even worry about what my assignment will be anymore. The other nite, there was a mix up in the assignment, and one pt was unassigned. I didn't even know what who the pt. was, or how many everyone else had. I just voluinteered to take them, because I knew I was not there alone...I was working with a team!!! I'm sorry for just going on, and on. It just has been a long time...since I have enjoyed working med-surg, and I'm feeling rather blessed..! And yes NRSKarenRN, I have recharged my batteries, and want to be the best of the best. I'm not even thinking about how much longer I have to go on this assignment. I want it to last for a while! I intend to be the best, the friendliest, the most helpful team member they have ever had! And right now...I'm finding this an easy task... Do you know I even sing while I work...ook....I'll stop. I know I must be getting pretty sickening...:chuckle:! Hey LasvegasRN...the WEST ROCKS!!

    And how is little one?? I'm praying that bug has flown the coop!