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1. That we are not their secretaries? and that they are just as able to pull up their own computer rounding list as we are? 2. That no, I CANNOT explain the risks and benefits of a surgical... Read More

  1. by   wooh
    If you write an illegible admit order in the ER at 11pm, don't be surprised when you get a call at 2am asking what you wrote.
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from James Huffman
    Why are we asking these questions here? Do any of these docs read this? If not, why not ask them (or tell them) directly?
    FYI i did.

    Quote from jojotoo
    James, you have hit on the basic difference in communication styles (and problem solving) between men and women.
    Spare me.
  3. by   P_RN
    The 11pm one......

    When you DO return my page, please don't tell me you don't remember what you wrote, but you think you know what you meant to write......
  4. by   texas_lvn
    When you come in at an awkward hour just because, do NOT throw my things on the floor so you will have somewhere to put your cup of coffee. I know a great place for it to go. The doc didnt like that one.
  5. by   LeahJet
    To Consulting Docs that come to the ER:

    When you see a sweaty ER nurse walking in a fast pace with an intubation tray and a vial of Succs, it may not be the best time in the world to tell her to find you a
    16 fr. Coude.
  6. by   Jennifer, RN
    Dispose of your sharps!!! I am not a maid.
    Order your own labs/tests, or give it to the secretary. I have to perform all the test/labs, give meds, any everything else you ordered!!
    If you want something done STAT, tell ME STAT.
    Believe me when I tell you a pt is in resp distress, extreme pain or compromised. I didn't seek you out or call you for no good reason.
    It's good to laugh every now and then, even if you are a cardiac surgeon.
  7. by   Justhere
    Please do not come in discharge your patient at 10 PM then come circumcise the baby because he has to remain with us for an hour after you do it before he can be discharged home with the mother.:angryfire
  8. by   Noahm
    I know that you expect me to drop whatever it is that I am doing immediately in order to make your life easier and see to your patients chart right now! What the hell makes you think that I am in any kind of position to do that? Don't you know that I have 10 other patients that are extrememly unwell? Yes, I know you aren't their doctor and you don't give a toss but I am their nurse and I have to! Do you know that if I didn't know how to prioritize properly I could hurt someone and lose my license?

    I am deeply sorry for not being able to clone myself and be 100 places at once. No doctor this does not mean I am lazy and stupid and don't want to be bothered.

    Unless you know all about how many other patients I have and exactly what is going on with them at that moment you don't have enough knowledge about the situation to FORM ANY KIND OF OPINION as to where I should be and when.
  9. by   CrazyPremed
    When you are paged, wait for us to find the doc that paged you (ER). If you hang up, I'm just going to page your irritating a** again, and keep at it until you call back. Also, I don't care how many days you have been on call (from a neurologist). You make exactly 10 times as much as I do (translation - I would have to work for 10 years to make what you get in one). You ain't gonna get no sympathy from me.

  10. by   flashpoint
    I am not an alarm clock...I might be busy at 0500 and I might not have time to call you at home to make sure you are awake. Set more than one alarm clock if one doesn't wake you up...
  11. by   htrn
    If you don't want to take the sock out of your mouth and speak clearly, then atleast take the mask off your face so I can read your lips. If you don't want to do either, then don't give me flack for asking you to repeat yourself until I finally hear you.

    If I offer you a mask at delivery time and you refuse, expect me to LMAO when you start spitting amniotic fluid out of your mouth from the gush after the head is delivered. (Yes, it really happened)

    I am not going to make your bed in your call room - PERIOD!!!:angryfire
  12. by   nrsang97
    I just have to say ( and some may be repeated) that when I call you at 1900 for the hospice pt who can only have tylenol Q8H for her temp of 104, DON'T TELL ME TO, "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND DON'T CALL ME AGAIN" Really I can do what I want, so can I just go ahead and order a MS GTT. I just wanted to increase the frequency Sheesh!

    DO NOT expect me to pull all your labs, and give them to you. You can use a computer just as well as I can. I AM NOT your secretary.

    DO NOT DISRESPECT my staff that is a sure way to get a write up from all of us.

    I AM NOT A MIND READER!!!!! Cannot say this enough.

    When I ask you to see a pt in the middle of the night for distress, or whatever GET UP HERE AND SEE THEM. I didn't call you just because I felt like it.

    DO NOT scream at me for not answering the phone when the ward clerk is on break and I have your poseyed pt who is trying to get onto the elevator. My response "I guess I should have answered the phone and let your pt walk out into the street huh?" Shut the doc up.

    DO NOT remove a dressing to see the wound after I dressed it. Next time ask me to wait to do the dressing until you round. I have no ******* clue you are going to show up at midnight to see the pt. I cannot stand when docs do this. However we have a few docs that will do the entire dressing change since they took off the dressing.

    DO not HANG UP ON ME for calling you.

    DO NOT attempt to dishcarge someone with no hx of HTN, and not in pain with BP 170/100. And DO NOT SCREAM at me when I am letting you know I am not comfortable letting her go home. Doc finally came up to see the pt and had me give some med and then gave script and let her go home. ( I felt a little better since she received something and a script).

    AS ALWAYS I AM NOT YOUR MAID. Throw away your coffee cups, clean up your sharps, and do not leave all your papers everywhere.
  13. by   kessadawn
    [font="century gothic"]and please stop dousing yourself in 5 gallons of nasty strong perfume/cologne just before you come to see your patients. not only will i request you to go shower again, i will continue to refuse you access to your 6 yr old asthmatic pt who is still on continuous aerosols. if your making me wheeze, you sure as heck are gonna cause them probs, and i hate change of shift emergency intubations.