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  1. by   Cat_LPN
    Female. I have cats, no dogs. Not big on animals that require so much attention and that are so busy/active. My cats are plenty affectionate and lay around most of the time. I have a horse too I work nights on the floor, I guess I'm more of a loner. I get antsy when there's too many people around, in my space. I like my quiet time.
  2. by   hraneeRN
    Female. I love both! Sometimes i'm in a cat mood because they are just so calm and peaceful.....and sometimes I love dogs, they are so energetic!!
  3. by   nola1202
    My dog is up for an adventure anywhere any time of day. Also a snack. Me too.
    The dog thinks getting into the car and pulling it into the garage is an adventure, this is particularly nice when I'm wiped out from work.
    Both cat and dog will curl up on the bed with me and sleep any time of day or night. I like it when the dog is on his side or back lying in my arms head thrown back, front teeth showing and his lip flaps loose and rubbery. The cat will curl up in the hollow behind my neck and purrs himself to sleep.
    The cat is gentle and verbal. He has his alone time and likes to take advantage of sunny patches and to snooze in the dog's bed or toy box. The dog is goofy and energetic. Both get upset if I am unhappy or worried.
    People are important, and hard to understand sometimes. Animals I get. Even if they are fear biters, scratchers etc. I never take it personally. People like that can really hurt my feelings if it hits a nerve. I wish patients were allowed to have their special dog n cat friends visit in the hospital and I'd love to have my dog click, click clicking behind me while I give my meds.
  4. by   nola1202
    Quote from Chixie
    Female Ortho new grad! Ive got a goldfish, a ratty (last from our previous gang) and a ferret (getting two more soon)

    I am also the proud owner of a 7 year old border collie/black lab mix-id be lost without my Jet. She has just started to get a gray chin,other than that she is totally black

    and we also have a beagle/spaniel mix Mimi who is 6 this week

    My girls together,
    Nothing beats coming home after a hellish shift to the wondrous sound of yodels and yelps as im trying to put my key in the front door.
    wow! Snow-lots of it to play in-awesome!
  5. by   xtxrn
    My dog is my best friend. I don't have any IRL friends in this area, so the relationship with my dog is really important. She's very loyal, expressive, obedient when the mood strikes (sorta like a cat- lol) and has never betrayed me. She loves any attention, but isn't nasty if I'm really tired, or not feeling well.

    She doesn't leave the seat up, hog the remote, smoke, drink, "chew", spit, criticize my cooking, or scream/hit/belittle. She does growl when she gets home from the vet- and clings to my leg when I take her to the groomer.

    She doesn't require diapers (though uses chux for paper training- not those puny puppy pads), no college fund, no inexperienced driver car insurance, and no shuttling back and forth from school.

    She cuddles when she senses I'm not doing great- plays when she knows I'm doing ok, and loves to hunt for little treats - and finds them no matter where I put them.

    I'd have a much lower quality of life without her