Why do doctors act like this???

  1. I work at a very small hospital. We have 2 surgeons, and 2 docs plus a nurse practitioner and a physician's assistant. This morning, xray comes and gets me, they have someone in trouble in the CT. I walk in, the guy is waxy and pale, shaking all over, but responsive, he is half sitting up on the bed. The xray techs are trying to help the guy sit up. In the process his eyes roll up in his head, and he begins to twitch, and becomes unresponsive. (looks like a seizure to me) but quickly reverses out of it. The whole episode lasted about a minute. So we call for someone to call the doctor, I go to get a cuff to get some vital signs and the doctor happens to be coming up the hall. I tell him that we need him in CT and start to get vitals. We attempted to tell him what had happened, he wouldn't listen, all he would say, oh it was just an anxiety attack because they were getting ready to start an IV. Well, stupid me, but, I had just witnessed what I had, and doc didn't even want to know what had happened. I was so angry. Well, we move the guy out into our special care unit for a little while so we could monitor vitals and make sure that he was going to be ok before they did the contrast CT. A little while later, the radiologist came in (we have one that we share with other hospitals) The xray techs had filled him in on what had happened. He came and talked to me----says, gee, sounds like he had a seizure (imagine that), Well in the process, and I guess this is what I am really upset about, the original doctor told another nurse that I needed a valium because I was so hyperactive. That was uncalled for, for starters, secondly, he said it in front of this person's family, trying to be funny. I am not an idiot, I worked in an ICU before I came to this hospital, I ride the local ambulance as an RN---and am quite capable of handling myself in a crisis. Well to make this book short, the patient is ok---and by the end of the day I was speaking to the doctor--but why did he have to try to make me look like and idiot to the patient's family and to the other nurse--even if he thought he was being funny. Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Because..... He's a JERK?


  4. by   petiteflower
    I had suspected, but I just needed someone to tell me for sure--lol
  5. by   P_RN
    What I have in mind starts with a "J" but it's NOT jerk. More like Jack-A$$. Trying to cover HIS A$$.

  6. by   mario_ragucci
    While first reading flowers post, I was thinking "she is just over-reacting." But a millisecond later I realized what the doctor said is totally uncool, even if it was said in jest. Some subject matter can't be injected at a hospital, like suggesting a person go on valium.

    Saying something to lighten the situation is okay, but not in the process of downgrading another person. Some people have the guts to say anything, but not everyone has the guts to back up their brave mouths with the ability to recognize when they are speaking incorrectly. Maybe the doctor is a fraddie-cat, who spoke a "knee'jeck" stupid comment, and then couldn't back up his bravery by recognizing it was wrong.

    I hope the doctor will come to you and apologize, or you can educate him about what I said he should have done. Forgive him if he apologizes, even if that is fake. Mean and insensitive people are suffering, I can assure you :-)
  7. by   Teshiee
    First of all. Our society puts MD's on the hierarchial of the health profession. I can't tell you how many times a nurse is on his or her stuff and the arrogant MD doesn't want to hear it. We cover their ass and literally save it when they goof. Purely ego thing big time.
  8. by   rncountry
    The answer to your question is-----because they can without reprucussion.
  9. by   Huganurse
    What a jerk.
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  10. by   LasVegasRN
    You know a very wise LPN referred to people in the medical profession like that doctor as people who have "lost their fire". You'll see more of them. When you and other people JUMP to respond to a code, the one's who have lost their fire STROLL to the code. When you and other people RUN to the sound of a patient falling out of bed, the one's who have lost their fire STAY seated. Sad phenomenon, that losing one's fire...:stone
  11. by   micro
    doc's are human too.....and i in no way excusing the doc's behavior.........
    but realize what battles you want to fight........
    and if this truly is an issue for you.......
    do what I have done........speak to doc directly and succinctly.........stating, very politely.....I did not respect how you interacted with this particular situation.........
    always end with a kind word and respect towards the doc.....cause they are people too.......
    but you will feel better......
    and if this is not a battle worth the issue.........
    sometimes it is best to let it go.......

    it is a personal/professional decision-----

    best of luck and never never let anyone tell you that you are any less THAN THE MAGNIFICENT NURSE AND PERSON THAT YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   eldernurse
    Do you always see the glass half full?
    Doctor to nurse abuse is rampant in our profession. I understand that they get sued and we don't (usually), and I understand that they are most responsible for the patient, but that does not excuse their demeaning behavior to nurses. Many of the nurses I work with want to leave the profession just because no one in the MD catagory gives them the respect of their education.
  13. by   prmenrs
    If we could answer the question, "Why do docs act like this?", maybe we could develop a vaccine to prevent it? Just a thought.

    I'm thinking a**h*l* just like some of the other responses.
  14. by   micro
    elder nurse.........
    no i don't always see the glass half full.......believe you me.......
    but i try..........
    the other way for me just doesn't work.........
    actually I have had similar situation with doc.......i let myself quietly fume.....slept on it.......and then the next day......

    said to doc, Dr._______, can I walk with you to the elevator, as I need to discuss something with you.........we didn't have a problem since then.....