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I have a question for the polls I haven't seen here yet. Where do you nurse, hospital/homehealth/hospice/nursing home/ clinic? Second question what is your speciality? Me, I work in a clinic... Read More

  1. by   Kirstie04
    dermatology clinic....we perform MOHS (a certain type of surgery to remove skin CA by stages)...
  2. by   RoxanRN
    In a local Level I Trauma Center in the Neuroscience Stroke Center's Neuro Critical Care Unit.
  3. by   DDANN
    Quote from witnurse
    I have been a nurse for 33 years. med/surg, pedi, registry nurse, critical care mostly, LTC, 15 bed rural hospital as Regulations Coordinator- helping with survey residence whole hospital(CMS State Survey), Infection Control, Education, Employee Health/Workers Comp, Emergency Preparedness also do 3 0r 4 12 hour shifts in 6 week period in med/surg, ED, ICU,ED,OR,PACU, I am tired!!
    Whew makes me tired just reading your message--sounds a lot like me--I am in Occ Health right now but have done many of the same things that you have done. I am going on 32 total years--thinking about slowing down some soon--good luck to you
  4. by   nurseT
    I manage the medical dept in a county jail. I am the only nurse. Monday through Friday, no nights-no weekends-no hollidays. On call 24/7 but they hardly ever need to call me. We have capacity for 225 inmates. Not all are sick. I have anywhere from 8 to 32 on meds at any given time. I've had inmates who fake illnesses to inmates who are seriously ill and did not realize how sick they were. This is a population that never gets healthcare until they go to jail. On any given day I could be bored to tears or so busy with really sick patients I could scream, completely disgusted by the things they do or on my knees pouring juice into a patient who can't hold a cup without splashing it all over due to tremors from DT's, or laughing so hard my side hurts. It can get really technical or serious or I can make paper airplanes and fly them around the booking area for entertainment. It's a good job. In the past I have worked Pool Nursing, which took me just about any where, LTC, Home Health, Hospice, Worked for my self and contracted my nursing services to insurance companies.
  5. by   ERNURSE4MS
    I have worked PEDS, Telemetry, ICU, med/surg, LTC, Home Health. Now I am working in a 9 bed, level 4 ER, I LOVE IT!!! . This is the most hectic, crazy, wonderful, fulfilling job EVER.