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I have a question for the polls I haven't seen here yet.

Where do you nurse, hospital/homehealth/hospice/nursing home/ clinic?

Second question what is your speciality?

Me, I work in a clinic where we deal with cancer patients from dr visits to chemo therapy and everyrthing in between and beyond.


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Specializes in inpatient hospice house.

Hi Becky,

I'm a casemanager for a homecare team. I work pediatrics, iv therapy, ob and managed care.


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Hospital. Work L&D mostly, pick up shifts on PP and Peds on occasion.


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Hospital, emergency room, full time night shift. I do a little bit of everything :)


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Specializes in Surgery.

Hospital - OR


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home health...i work for a certified home health agency...do home visits...



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assited living,,,



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Nurse Case Manager & Utilization review nurse for a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).

Specializes in Hospice.

68 bed hosptial, 4 ICU beds, 2 L & D, 4 ER w/ 1 trauma room...whew.......we have grown.....:chuckle

I work OB/ER w/ a little ICU, FLOOR, NURSERY or whatever is needed at the time. Sometimes all in the same night. I have worked ER for several hours, then to L & D for several hours, then maybe nursery, or even back to ER.........lol.....keeps me on my toes! AND I LOVE IT!:roll


Start my new job Monday in Home Health...... I have done it off and on for 11 yrs and love it!!!!!!!!


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In a 25 bedded NICU in a city hospital in Bristol UK.

Could go for higher grade as I've been there 8 years but I like the hands on nursing


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