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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   saraphina88
    Last year we were given a 300.00 bonus and a 75.00 Discover card, usable anywhere. Also a nice christmas party at a downtown hotel with buffet, prizes and awards. Our christmas party this year is at the Zoo and our gift card was for 100.00 We haven't heard anything about our bonus, if any, yet.
  2. by   hecete
    Holiday Bonus, A Turkey, They Can Stuff It.
  3. by   hecete
    $1,000.00 I'll Trade You My Turkey!!!!!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    At a company I worked for at the Christmas party, they gave away TWO $55,000 BMW's.
  5. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from Ginger222
    Wow..I thought time and a half on a Federal Holiday was a Law!!
    No, there is no Federal Law on what a company has to pay you for working a particular day, regardless of what day it is, or that they even have to give you time off for any particular holiday, religious event, or anything like that.

    Overtime is the only thing mandated by Federal Law, and that is only if your company qualifies under US Department of Labor.
  6. by   honeyz
    NOTHING and i work for the goverment. cheap cheap cheap
  7. by   Gromit
    Well today we got golf-shirts embroidered with our unit/floor type on it. Pretty cool
  8. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Last year we received a watch with the hospital's logo on it and this year we received a denim jacket with the hospital's logo once again...huh!? Kinda reminds me of the things given to Marlboro Cowboy wannabees...
    "Get the jacket, get the watch...now you're a real RN" --without the hack!

    I gave my jacket away to another RN and still to this day wear the watch...Sadly the jacket is sized to fit men which makes the women look fat ant butch...all right! Good job HR!!!

    Two years before I received 25 dollar gift certificate from target, pretty nice I thought....and the year before this I think it was Sears...also pretty nice..

    I have noticed that the little perks..chocolates from the Docs are no longer as generous or as common as once they were
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  9. by   Dempather
    A travel sized first aid kit. D'oh.
  10. by   weekend warrior
    We don't get a bonus. Sometimes they give you a christmas meal if you happen to be working on christmas.
  11. by   Victoriakem
    I picked up my 8 lb turkey from work last week & will get a "Holiday Meal" for working on Xmas day. Last year we got $, a bonus because the hospital did so well, according to your base salary. None this year though.
    Other places I have worked have me anywhere between a $25 grocery gift certificate & a $10 bill in a card.
    One hospital near mine gave the nurses aprons one year which were all thrown in the trash. Very insulting.
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  12. by   NewEastCoastRN
    They are letting me cut my holiday short and work the day after Christmas. Does that count???
  13. by   TrudyRN
    never a bonus; once got a turkey for Thanksgiving and a $25 grocery store gift card for Christmas; when I was a supervisor there, I was also given a gift by my DON and chocolates by Admin;

    never diamonds or a cruise, never a large amount of cash, never off for a week or two at the holidays or anything else that would have really grooved me, although I was grateful for what they did give me;