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The other day a patient baked me a homemade berry pie and brought it up to the floor with a really nice note saying some of the sweetest things! It made me feel so special!... Read More

  1. by   CardioTrans
    Where to start.......... Doing home care and ICU (peds and adults) I have so many great memories of patients...........

    In peds ICU....... I had a little girl who had abdominal surgery who gave me a card for taking such good care of HER MOM while she was sick........ the little girl was 7

    In home care I had a little boy who had a lung infection....was getting IV antbx tid.......... well I was the one who got to see him cuz I had peds exp......... after his therapy was over......... he (his Mom) had a present sent to my office......... in it was a card he signed thanking me for taking care of him that he had signed....... in the box was a dreamsicle angel with a bandage on his arm pulling his teddy bear in a wagon..........he was 3

    In Heart Transplant ICU....... patients writing letters to my supv thankin me for the care........ and sending little goodie baskets to me.........

    In home care.......... patients giving me christmas presents, fresh tomatoes from their garden....... some would slip things in my nursing bag while was out of the room because they knew that I couldnt legally take anything from them....... so they would sneak it in my bag for me to find later

    The one from home care that stands out the most at the moment is when I was pregnant with my youngest son.......I had a pt that I had seen twice a wk for what seemed like forever........ when he found out I was in the hosp having the baby...... he sent a dozen long stem red roses to my hosp room.......saying congrats.......cant wait to see pictures.

    Nursing is rewarding in so many ways other than seeing a patient discharged from the hospital or from home care. You truly touch lives and dont even realize it at times because we are so caught up in worrying about whats gonna happen next. These little things always make it worth the headache.
  2. by   duckie
    I have had so many special things happen since I became a nurse 22+ years ago, but just the other day, I was looking through my "memory box" and I found a hand written note from a 12 year old girl I cared for as a nursing student. She poured out her heart to me and told me she loved me because I helped her not to be afraid during her lengthy hospital stay. Through my years I have collected many momentos of love and kindness, been left in wills, but the most precious of all are the hugs and kisses I get everynight from my residents. They make me feel like a million bucks when they whisper, "I love you" as I kiss them goodnight. To me, that's what it's all about.
  3. by   fab4fan
    I had a pt. I cared for when I worked home care hospice. Her dau got me a beautiful hanging plant when I passed my CRNH exam.

    Another hospice pt I cared for was a fairly conservative Mennonite. At the funeral, his wife took me around and introduced me to everyone, told me they had grown to consider me a daughter. Then she started crying and said, "In my heart, I know you're a Mennonite." You have to understand that this is a major compliment for them.
  4. by   klhs
    I have 2 very special gifts that were given to me while I was working in LTC. The first one is a handblown glass angel Christmas ornament and the second is a Betty Boop Nurse coffee mug. These items may not be worth material wise... but when I think about how much those residents have enriched my life with sweet memories, advice, love, and blessings untold, I remember why I became a nurse.
  5. by   cactus wren
    It was a patients sister in law...It was New Years Eve, and patient was holding her own, intubated,sedated, very ill, and had been for some time. SIL and I were chatting, and talk switched to food...and after she found out that i hadn`t had any posole( In NM it`s like Hoppin John or blac eyed peas, for good luck in next year)...SIL had friend who owned Mexican restaurent,she called friend( this took place like at 11pm) and got the friend to deliver a huge bowl to ICU for moi....

    Another patients wife gave me a lovely procelin baby doll that she had made, after we chatted about dolls....sleeps on my bed every day...

    Favorite is a blue rose made from a seashell that the DH of a dying patient brought me after she had passed....
    A Patient that I became very close with sent me the Book Chicken Soup for the Nurses soul. He said that he wanted to make sure I laughed as much as I made him laugh. I did I have read the book many times. I still keep up with him.
  7. by   Robin61970
    Well....I am a starting nursing student so this would not be a patient, but from a fellow student. In A&P II there were many who struggled and I would bring in my cousins video camera and tape the labs, make a copy, and put it in th AV lab for others to copy so they could study. She saw me last week and gave me a oversized coffee mug that has stars on it(look like shooting stars and it says dream, believe, achieve and a remembrance stone. It is a rock, but carved into it are the words "nurture". She said that without the tapes I took the time to make she could not have made it through A&P and it was really a nice feeling that I helped her.....wanted to share mine......
  8. by   sunnygirl272
    oh..almost forgot..had a hospice patient with ALS....ugh, so sad....anyway, after her passing, her sister, who was devoutly catholic, sent me a thank you card, and a thing saying she had submitted me to some convent for a years supply or prayers....very touching, because this was such a strong portionof her belierf system...
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    Originally posted by semstr
    go home.
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    Originally posted by semstr
    go home.

    Well thats nice and touching and all but you forgot the most important part....

    go home ... and not come back!
    haha jk!

    I've been blessed enough to take care of some truly fantastic people who have said and done some wonderful things for me. That is why I'm still where I am, for those patients
    a few ones stick out
    was taking care of a man and we just got along famously , between him and his roomate in the next bed I was all set, talk about stress free assignment, it sounds so hokey but its true it was a joy to take care of these 2. Anyway the first guy , upon discharge, got his wife to go get me a gift basket with hand lotions and special soaps (he had overheard me complaining to someone about the sad state of my dry hands ) , then the second patient, the one I got along so well with, got me a #1nurse keychain with my name engraved on it, he said that it would come in handy when I was going home after a bad day , to open the door and see that I really am making a difference in peoples lives.
    lovely thank you letter from a patients daughter expressing that she had never met someone like me before and that I allowed her father to pass away with dignity and for her to deal with her grief successfully, that meant a lot because initially when I was dealing with palliative patients or death I dont feel I did so very well.
    truth be told that the nice things that have been said to me outnumber any gifts...you know somedays are really good days
  12. by   Cletus
    Taking an iv out of a 2year old when she reached for my hand (thought she was going to bite me) she kissed my hand and said thank you. Was asked by a 5y/o if I was working the next days when told no she hugged me and cried. The supreme compliment was when one of the docs on my floor took his dying mother of the vent in ICU and had her brought to me to care for in her last moments of life.
  13. by   vikki4fsu
    Quote from RN always
    The other day a patient baked me a homemade berry pie and brought it up to the floor with a really nice note saying some of the sweetest things! It made me feel so special!
    Actually it wasnt the patient, He passed away after a long history of illnesses. I spent almost 24/7 with him his last 3 months. Staying in his home, so he was able to stay in his home. ( i did get to go home every 3-4 days for a few hours). After the services were done and things tried to settle back down, his brother and sister (89 & 78 yrs old) sat me down and said they wanted to do something nice for me because of all I did for their brother. I told them no, I was just happy to be part of his life. I had recently quit smoking and gained weight, so I wanted to join a gym.And go back to school.We had discussed many nights just in normal conversations of what will we do after... They paid for 2 years of Golds Gym and have presented me witha gift of Knowledge. All my schooling and books will be paid for for the next 2 years so I can try to go back to get my Nursing license. I cant even imagine the cost. But the gift of Knowledge card, had to be the most precious gift of all time. They said they wanted me to continue to benefit peoples lives, like I did for their brother. What a awesome Blessing. So wish me luck.. I will begin school hopefully this fall. Taking it slow first, Im 41 and scared to go back....Afraid I wont make it . But Im going to try. I know I have a special guardian Angel watching over me , helping me along the way !!!

    Anyone with any suggestions, Im all ears.. or eyes as the case may be! Please email me. Vikki4fsu@msn.com
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