What would be your IDEAL Nursing-related job?

  1. i would probably say my ideal nursing situation would be to work as a nurse in a private doctors office and/or pregnancy clinic...or to be a nurse teacher! :d even a nurse who does house calls...that sounds like fun! i would like to do house calls for the disabled or seniors. :heartbeat what about you? what is your ideal nursing job? er? school nurse? psychiatric? travel ? per diem? 3 twelves or 5 eights? goverment? union? corrections? military? legal nursing consultant?etc?

    it seems like there are so many options for nurses out there!

    (well ignoring our current economic stoop @ least)
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  3. by   NurseCard
    If I could afford the ENORMOUS pay cut... I would love to be a school nurse.
  4. by   jmgrn65
    my ideal job is the what I am doing now, informatics. Hours are great, no patients and families complaining about not getting thier bath by 8am etc.
  5. by   Medic09
    Hospital-based flight nurse.
  6. by   SummerGarden
    Trauma U.S. Army Nursing ...
  7. by   coffee4metech
    When you refer to "house calls " that would be Home Health just for your information.
  8. by   *guest*
    Quote from mrs.nurseassistant
    when you refer to "house calls " that would be home health just for your information.
    that sounds a lot better than "house calls" lol! but yes, basically, what i would be doing is making house calls in the home health industry.....hmmm...or we can call them "home visits".
  9. by   UM Review RN
    I'd love to be a long distance flight nurse. Unfortunately, I don't have what it takes, mentally or physically.

    So I do what I can and leave the adventures to the younguns.
  10. by   VORB
    Staff nurse for a pro sports team, of course.
  11. by   oregonchinamom
    My ideal job would be ICU nurse (as I was for many years) with ambulatory surgery (what I do now) hours. Miss ICU like crazy but I work M,T,W and no holidays.
  12. by   Lovely_RN
    Certified nurse mid-wife. I don't know how long it's going to take me to get there but that is my ultimate goal. :wink2:
  13. by   NICUQueen
    Exactly what I did for almost 20 years, work in NICU. BUT, I would NOT want to be pulled to any other unit!
  14. by   Patchouli
    as a new grad my five year plan (dream) is me in a neuro cv icu. trauma 1. another dream is me on a plane (or a bus), visiting tribes and/or towns, helping to treat and teach patients out in the middle of nowhere, roughing it, and learning things about different cultures and people!