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neonatal intensive care
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NICUQueen specializes in neonatal intensive care.

I am recently retired and currently, but temporarily, living in the state of New York where my husband is working on the pipeline.

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  1. NICUQueen

    Job you would NEVER do in nursing....

    I retired after working for 20 years in an NICU, but could never do Peds. Also never wanted to work in the ER. Actually, after working in the NI, I did not want to work with adults anymore and did not have to!
  2. NICUQueen

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    I agree. If you really want to be a nurse, you are going to have to face much more difficult situations and if you cannot do this, you have no future in nursing. Did you not think you would have to be on your feet for 8 or 12 hour shifts, knowing that your back was bad? What did you imagine nursing to be? I hope that you are able to sort all this out and find somewhere that will employ you. Good luck.
  3. NICUQueen

    Nursing Agency driving me over the edge

    How are you on unemployment if you are employed by this agency???
  4. NICUQueen

    Qustion about travel nursing

    You say you will graduate soon. Most travel nursing companies require at least one year's experience before placing you. Med/surg is a good experience builder!
  5. NICUQueen

    what nursing school do/did you attend?

    University of Louisiana-Monroe BSN 1983
  6. NICUQueen

    how many would not continue on to nursing school if..

    I worked as an NA during my last 2 years of nursing school. I knew exactly what I was getting in to and still went on to graduate and worked for well over 25 years in the field.
  7. NICUQueen

    "floating" safety

    I worked NICU for almost 20 years. Being floated to med/surg was very much a stress for me. I did not know where anything was, even the sink to wash my hands was in an inconvenient place. It was one of my main reasons for retiring when I did, I hated it that much!
  8. NICUQueen

    Most Humorous Call-In Excuses

    I had to call in late one morning because there was a skunk under my carport, right next to my car! The superviser just laughed! I certainly was not going to even try to get to my car until I knew for sure that the skunk was gone. Sure enough, he soon left and I made my late way to work.
  9. Yes, it does. I am a grammar and spelling freak. I think, as professionals, we should be mindful of these.
  10. Eat the crow and the humble pie, but hopefully, you won't have to eat the dirty old bandages from last Tuesday! LOL! Keep us informed!
  11. Not a very good way to start your career. You will have to show up tomorrow and eat some humble pie, but I would not expect too much. If you were my new emplyee, you would have some 'splainin' to do. Good luck.
  12. NICUQueen

    Thank God

  13. NICUQueen

    Do Nurses have to do the following??

    "Mr. So and So rings the light. He's lying in about 15 minutes worth of poop-detail cleanup, but he's physiologically stable. Meanwhile......... I've got a patient in the other room with a b/p of 78/42. I've paged the doc, and I am busy trying to get an IV in this same patient so that I can give fluids. Meanwhile, I have someone else who is working with me who can't start the IV, and can't take orders from the doc, but CAN help by doing peri-care on my other patient in the other room. Meanwhile........... I've got a patient whose abdominal wound is seeping bloody drainage around the dressing. The patient's lying in a big pile of ooze. Gosh, I sure hope the wound hasn't dehissed. I need to change the dressing and see what's going on underneath all of that gauze, but I'm still waiting for that call back from the doc for my patient with the low blood pressure. I should probably take another blood pressure, go ahead and start IV fluids without a dr's order, and....... Darn....My patient whose got the poopy but is on the light again. "I need some help!" I poke my head in the door. "Sorry Mr. So and So, I'll be back in to take care of you in just a moment." In the distance, I hear an IV pump start alarming. "Shoot - my blood infusion is already finished in room 424........I need some help." I'm on my way to the IV alarm and the doc calls back. I'm sitting at the desk talking on the phone with the doc when my coworker/CNA comes to me to see what I needed. I'm writing down a lengthy order that needs to be faxed to the pharmacy, then I have to get the med, give the med............ "Can you please go help Mr. So and So - he's all dirty". (I get a dirty look from the CNA as she walks away.) By the way.......I do care. I care about the kidneys that are about to go south on the patient with the low blood pressure if I can't get the blood pressure back up. Meanwhile, I'm taking matters into my own hands in order to address that issue - I finally get an order from the doc to cover me for what I just did. I also care about the patient whose leaking out about two cups worth of serous/sanguinous fluid from their abdominal wound that I need to assess. I also care about what the CNA thinks of me, but I can't even begin to explain all the reasons why I need the peri care done by the CNA instead of doing it myself. As I get off the phone, I hear a loud crash from down the hallway. A patient tried to get up by themselves and has just falled on the way to the BR. So much for waltzing out the door on time tonight." And the CNA sees you sitting down, talking on the phone and asking her to do the dirty work. Sometimes they just don't realize you are doing what only the RN can do. Yes, the RN CAN clean the dirty patient, but the CNA cannot take the dr's orders, hang the blood and start the IV. And the CNA thinks the RN has "nursitis." You gotta do what you gotta do.
  14. NICUQueen

    CNA to RN at work

    I agree, if you hate being a CNA, you will not like being a nurse. I started out as an aide in the hospital where I worked as an RN and learned much in my position as an aide. How are the RNs treating the CNAs like they are "insolent"? Are they delegating tasks to you that you feel are beneath you? When/if you become an RN, you will find that you have so much paperwork and other tasks that only the RN can do, that you will have to delegate things to the CNA that she is trained to do. Be careful of wanting to do fewer tasks, you may find yourself out of a job until you can "do it all" by being an RN! Good luck to you.