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coffee4metech specializes in OR.

I have a beautiful daughter and wonderful husband.

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  1. coffee4metech

    Staff Meetings: What Are They Good For?

    we have staff meetings twice a month 2 meetings the same day one for am shift and another for pm's....... half the staff doesn't even show up .Its very discouraging to see how unmotivated and how time doesn't really matter when it comes to work . I am always on time for meetings maybe because I actually care about what is going on in my department and can give my opinion on issues and upcoming changes . Its the right thing to do .
  2. coffee4metech

    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    how do you go about changing the 8 hr shift to 12 hr shift my department only has 8 hr shifts . I desperately want to work 12 hr shifts I can't stand 5 days a week@ 8 hrs. Managers are very much against the 12 hr shift option why ?????
  3. coffee4metech

    A Nurse CAN be both sexy & smart

    Sexy is something you can't turn off.....but you can use it to prove that there is such a thing as being smart and sexy@ the same time :))))
  4. JUST fyi I'm not a nurse or a cna /PCT ..... I work in the OR in another realm of work that is not in direct patient care . Now just to get this off my chest when people walk around saying "this is not my job or I'm above emptying this or lifting that ". It is TOXIC to be having an attitude like that and let me tell you people listen and watch others its human nature , and when you display that behavior it can and will bring a whole entire department down . It's about the patient always , its not about your superior attitude and feelings about yourself .
  5. coffee4metech

    Getting hit on at work?

    A guy I work with has always flirted with me complimenting me on my OR hats and telling me I have beautiful eyes although it is flattering ..... its extremely distracting and inappropiate @ work .... I mean I don't really feel it would manifest or get worse BECAUSE he is married and is wife works in RECOVERY at the same hospital. BUT people talk and I have a reputation to protect and a future of a incoming promotion . Finally pulled him aside and told him to back off and act professional , and reminded him he is married and so am I .
  6. Just had to comment on this thread husband is from Mexico he is a great man and wonderful husband we have a beautiful daughter who looks nothing like me ; )..... anyways people are shocked to discover that I am the mother . I know people are wondering and making comments about my daughter and I ...... honestly could careless what they think but it just goes to show it can be reverse discrimination. I love the culture and have completely absorbed the culture and also teaching my daughter the ways of the American and Mexican cultures....and the languages !!!!
  7. at least people are being honest with you the fact that there is no JOBS here is because we are still in a recession and hospitals will only hire the best of talent in the healthcare field !
  8. coffee4metech

    Night shift for 20 years

    Just had to put my comment in there days were killer for me getting at 4am to go to work drive in the dark and freezing temps half asleep , then come home to my daughter who is in the needest stage of toddler years at around 3 pm I was exhausted and grumpy and miserable. Finally I talked to my nurse manager and told her the truth and asked to switch to evenings I LOVE IT !!!!!! Best thing i ever did , now I will work a night shift weekend once a month which will be nice because its an extra 3 dollars and its quiet for the most part ; )
  9. coffee4metech

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    Don't care about your spoiled teenage daughter that you constantly talk about at work what a headache !!!! Come to work with a positive attitude and leave the negative BS at home !!!! No I don't have that specific item and no I can't pull it out of my a$$ sorry wish I could lol. WE are short staffed because half the people you hire DON'T work so save some money and fire the L-A-Z-Y people . Oh man srry for the negative vent , most of the people I work with I LOVE they are like my second family BUT they are some bad apples !
  10. coffee4metech

    It finally happened to me....

    Just want to let you know i'm in the same boat as you every time i wake up I'm reminded work is just around the corner people with attitudes and short staffed shifts make me crazy but I always say to myself no matter HOW bad it gets at LEAST i HAVE A JOB !!!! Thats the only motivation I have to get through a crappy shift and yes the advice to go on vacation is something you should definately plan for yourself you deserve it !!!!!!
  11. coffee4metech

    The Worst Nursing Job You Ever Had

    The worst is when there is NO teamwork and a lack of respect for each other ..... that will bring a whole unit down!!!
  12. Its terrible being the outsider of a massive clique , co workers invite people to a party and left me out publicly and right in front of me several times >I am not at work to have a social life , BUT it makes me uncomfortable when people make an effort to invite others and leave me out none of them like me I guess because I don't fit in with the in crowd I never have anyways . Its like being in high school again......... for the most part I ignore it but I notice its becoming more frequent .
  13. coffee4metech

    Why do you put up with the abuse?

    I learned that people in the OR have to modes , when we have a patient and were on the floor its business ,but when its slow and nothing is going on its fun and we enjoy laughing and making rediculus jokes together. But also everybody has "those" days and when I see it I avoid that person and keep my mouth shut tight lol !!!!
  14. coffee4metech

    did your job give you a holiday gift??

    Catered lunch , and cards !!!!
  15. Some are nice and others I wish would get out of the OR , this one lady who does rep services for the heartcore is a witch , everytime she sees me she asks for things and rolls her eyes I just direct to what she needs and told her to get it herself !!!!! Some I love to see bright and early at 6am one guy always looks for me and we chat a while and catch up on things !!! theres always a rotten one in the bunch !
  16. coffee4metech

    OR beard

    everybody is entitled to there opinion ... facial hair should be well kept some examples I have seen in some situations were a little over the top.