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I got yelled at by a Doc for the first time this past week. Here is what happened. We were just out of report and I was headed down the hall to assess patients. Went past a room and the aid told... Read More

  1. by   soundsLikesirens
    Write her up if you like. But be aware she can also write you up for barging into a patient's room, unannounced....
  2. by   Glad2behere
    I have always thought on a tit for tat situation like this it is best to embarrass the doc immediately in front of the patient in a professional manner of course. I remember an incident as a new grad where an internist started hollering and questioning the difference in bp in the leg vs arm, and made a real scene. The patient looked at me like I was the idiot. I was totally embarrassed and shocked anyone could be so unprofessional.
    It really bothered me, so I rehearsed a proper response assuming it would happen again... and it did...with the same doc.

    My response:
    Take 2 steps backward and in an Asian type manuver with hands clasped in a prayer type position and said "o yes o Holy Doctor! Since you can obviously walk on water it will be easy for you to meet me at the nurse's station after we are finished. My presence here is to forward the health of Mr. Smith and my job requires that I do much of the heavy lifting, I was unaware that I would also be coerced into a demonstration of my leadership qualities and mentor physicians who missed out on breast feeding"

    It's worked twice

    Another one was to pursue what I was doing and look eye to eye and say "My Job description does not include having to deal with small minds" smile, and keep on working!
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Mario's humble pie

    There is this nurse at my unit who always looks mean at me. When I arrive at 7, this RN is just coming off graveyard. I say good morning to everyone I see, but this RN turns her face and frowns like I just reminded her of an impending doom. Very mean, and only to me. She'll smile and be gay with all the women nurses.
    Anyway, today was no exception. Same mean look...same uneasy feeling....like she wants to kill me. In the blink of an eye, I signed on to a terminal, (she saw me) then she walked away quickly and by the time she walked back to the nurses station, I had already signed off and started collecting PT data from the board and some male doctor had come to the unit and signed on, and had moved to get a chart or something.
    Mean nurse, thinking I left the computer signed in, exclaims loudly, "who is at this computer!?" The doctor said he was, and then proceeded to scold mean nurse for her tone of voice in the morning.
    I often wonder how I would be received if I had the authority to enforce decent behavior on morning staff that look and act like death warmed over. :-)
  4. by   JailRN
    I agree. Write her up. Who in the heck does she think she is?? What she did is sexual harassment. Wonder how she'd like it if you said, "Damn women docs>>>" and told the pt to change doctors??? Do not stand for it. I'm sure your hospital has a policy about sexual harrassment-find it, then quote it in your report, mention the patient by name and her roommate, if she had one.

    As for knocking...well I guess you could have kicked the door with a spare foot since your hands were occupied.
  5. by   imenid37
    she's an a$$. write her up! man, and they have hosp. admin's and doc's on the tv c/o that there's a nursing shortage! golly gee, gomer i wonder why no one would want to be tx'd like this. she sounds like she doesn't like men or nurses period. she's probably a real b!thch to the female nurses too. in this day and age.OUTRAGEOUS!!!
  6. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    I hear what you're saying Dr. Kate. But the reality is nurses work in hostile workplaces every day...at least in my area.

    Yes, we can write docs up. I have done so ....there are often some negative consequences so be aware of that.....

    The only time I have seen nurses 'win' and really positively effect the behavior of a nasty abusive doc is:

    1) deal with them face to face and find common ground. You can have a witness with you....choose a highly respected nurse. I always start here ... 8 out of 10 times I see SOME positive results.

    2) do a 'group write up' with as many staff members you can documenting incidents of bad behavior of this doc. Numbers count....as if it's just one complaining, it's easy to railroad that 'one'.

    Docs CAN act very childishly and vindictively when they are written up...and nurses can come out losers unless they have a lot of support and witnesses to help them.

    I hope to see things changing soon re: abusive, hostile environments in the hospital. I'm glad to see policies springing up and hotlines for reporting of incidents at some facilities. Has anyone seen positive results from these?

    In my agency travels over the past 15 years 'doc abuse with the NURSE blamed' seems to be a common problem ...in my metro area anyway.
    How sad....we just had a surgeon come into our ER and act do badly that a new nurse up and quit...l think it was her first day...guess what?????....this DR. God had a ''come to Jesus'' meetin with some of our ER docs...and was basically told....''we can replace Dr's easier than we can replace nurses.''..woohoo...who'd a thought it?......this happens primarily cause we allow it......LR
  7. by   Stargazer
    originally posted by soundslikesirens
    i would never enter a patient's room unannounced. even if your hands are full (and they usually are), you still have a mouth. i always announce when i am entering a room. just walking in with no explanation can startle the patients.....sounds like that's what happened with the doctor. you probably startled her.
    while this is true, sirens, the fact is that this doc's response was still unprofessional and disproportionate to the situation. screaming not once, but 3 times, and that nasty muttered comment as dayray left--at that point, she had had several moments to recover her poise and was apparently unable to do so. if she is really so easily startled or surprised into unprofessional behavior, then she doesn't have any business going into any field other than pathology!

    write her up specifically for the "male nurses" comment, distribute it generously, and keep a copy for yourself. i would also start keeping a detailed log if there are any other future occurrences--you may need it someday to prove "hostile work environment."
    but the reality is nurses work in hostile workplaces every day...at least in my area.
    i, too, found this comment profoundly disturbing. mattsmom--can you explain what you mean--and why the nurses put up with it?
  8. by   micro
    I have a friend that I value much, she has been a nurse for 37 years +++ and her attitude and secret to me is to stand the ground in the moment when you see it fit.........
    but otherwise it is the nature of the game..........
    but her years of experience to me lends way too' much credence to her claim
    she has been my stalwarth friend.........
    and in her no variability bends...............

    so now I forgot once what i intend.....

    so micro ends...........
  9. by   rebelwaclause
    Write her up and forward a copy to HR. Most companies (what hospitals are becomming!) have sexual harrasment policies. Comments like "That male nurse"...along with her indiscriminate candor, deserves to be addressed at all angles!
  10. by   mark_LD_RN
    soundslikesirens , i think you missed the obvious point here. the doc was way out of line,! how many times has a doc or anotherr nurse barged in when i was examining a patient or pushing with her. I have never snapped like that. the most i have said is excuse me, please close the door, or please knock. no way shoulld she have made that ugly comment after yelling several times and make it while he was leaving. if she had a problem she should have did it away from the patient not in front of her that is totally innapropriate. i might have been able to tolerate the first yell but thats as far as it goes. startled is totally different from being unprofessional,*****.
    Please Please Please
    Make a report about the incident and make sure you have a copy of it and keep it with your papers at home..
    Maybe this is a one time incident and I certainly hope it was and the Dr talks to you the next time you see her and she explains herself , what happened to you is not the way it should be nore should it be accpeted Im so sorry you were treated that way , I seem to somewhat know the position your in , and I can tell you that anytime you say or do anything at this point , think two ways, the way it should be ( and cover your tracts, and make copies of everything) and thier way..... which could possibly be nothing... which is very likely, the fact that you informed your supervisor of the incident actually puts you ahead in the game...
    You were the first to bring it to thier attentions ... I suggest you act the same with that Dr as if nothing occured , hopefully and possibly it was just a bad day and she will be sorry for her actions , but if it contiues then it is possible your Supervisor will speak with her and inform her of Your rights as a Nurse and the position that you have , and that patient care is your only position.
    If that Dr assumes that you have broken the cardinal rule for not knocking well then shes crazy, It would be different if your hands weren't full, and you busted into the room like a rocket during a pelvic exam but that isnt the case.
    Good luck to you and Keep your chin up
    we need as many hands as possible in this game, and I dont care if thier male or female I just want them there!!!!
    Hugs Zoe
  12. by   soundsLikesirens
    Mark Ld Rn: I didn't miss the point at all.

    I'm just saying that the doctor was probably startled because this nurse walked into the patient's room without saying a word. We are never supposed to do that.

    If he chooses to write the doctor up, he needs to be aware that SHE has plenty of grounds to write HIM up, also......and since she is a doctor, the "suits" will probably side with her.

    That's been my experience.
  13. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Lets assume there is enough stress in the world right now to affect everybody. I think there certainly is. If that stress accumulates enough than everybody will start yelling. Now this is just not in nursing or the medical profession. Its all professions. I got yelled at 7 11 for holding a door for a person. Do we make an issue out of this or do we assume that that someone is under stress. We can all be stressed. Do we try to make an issue everytime someone yells at us, This would be fruitless in the long run, and would only add to the stress thats already in the world and or workplace.
    While yelling at someone is unacceptable behaviour, without proper justification anyway. Why make to big an issue out of it. When you dont fully understand the events that lead up to it. I am not a pacifist by any means. But sometimes the wiser course is to turn a deaf ear, and blow it off not. And not out of proportions.
    Ive yelled at people when I shouldnt have. We all have. Usually we regret immediately afterwards. But to go to that person immediately and to apologize isnt always that easy a course to follow. It might be the more appropiate course to follow but it isnt necessarily the easiest. Sometimes its better to wait awhile then deal with it when feelings have chilled out.

    Or you can speak softly and carry a 4 iron

    doo wah ditty