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  1. I really hope someone can help!

    Not to be dense, but what do you mean by the language not being a problem? I only speak English. Would you be so kind as to PM me with details?
  2. I really hope someone can help!

    i need help. i am an rn, licensed in ky and in. i am going through a messy divorce with a selfish man who has virtually bankrupted me and my two children, 8 and 6. i want desperately to get away from here. our divorce was nearly final and m...
  3. Nursing jobs/hospitals in Carbondale, IL?

    WOW! Why didn't I think of that ~ ~thanks for all replies~
  4. Nursing jobs/hospitals in Carbondale, IL?

    hi everyone. i am thinking of relocating to carbondale, illinois, in the foreseeable future. does anyone here work there in hospital or know anything about the hospitals there? thank you. :kiss
  5. dunno where to start, dunno where to finish!

    I was working PRN at the local hospital. Every time I went in, I had eleven patients. (Med/Surg) We had a job opening for a new clinical leader. Instead of hiring the in-house nurse who wanted the job (the only reason she didn't get it was beca...
  6. What shall I do?

    Mark Ld Rn: I didn't miss the point at all. I'm just saying that the doctor was probably startled because this nurse walked into the patient's room without saying a word. We are never supposed to do that. If he chooses to write the doctor up, he ne...
  7. What shall I do?

    Write her up if you like. But be aware she can also write you up for barging into a patient's room, unannounced....
  8. are they just waiting for an assault??!?

    Might I add....when you get through with all this charting and documentation, be prepared to find another job. Hospitals don't like nurses who protect themselves and their licenses, at least the one I worked at didn't! You might as well start loo...
  9. What shall I do?

    i would never enter a patient's room unannounced. even if your hands are full (and they usually are), you still have a mouth. i always announce when i am entering a room. just walking in with no explanation can startle the patients.....sounds like...
  10. Codes in a Nursing Home ~ Question

    As far as I know they have a crash cart and backboard but no defib.
  11. Codes in a Nursing Home ~ Question

    i just got hired as 11-7 charge nurse in a ltc facility. as the don was giving me a tour of the building during my interview, she said that if a patient is a full code and codes, and we start cpr and get hold of the doctor and they don't respond to ...
  12. WOW. I'm underwhelmed......... I checked with two area hospitals what they pay an RN (Med/Surg) with 3-4 years experience: One was $16.50 The other was a WHOPPING $14.50!!! I was so disgusted I hung up. Both of these jobs involved travelling >20...
  13. Beautiful Day Today

    Breezy, in the 70's...just the way I like.
  14. Working With Felons

    She shouldn't have lied - on the other hand, they shouldn't have fired her, IMO. Her shame probably prevented her from putting it on the application. If she has learned from her mistake, then she shouldn't be fired. Of course, she shouldn't have lied...
  15. Scrub material for sewing

    I've thought about it......but frankly, with the price of fabric, I figured it'd be more expensive. Hice Sewing has scrub tops for $10 (even prints). You wouldn't be saving that much (if any) money.....not to mention your time. I just don't have ti...