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  1. by   ElvishDNP
    I LOVE babies and would work with them til I breathe my last if they allow me to!

    I like new moms and pregnant women, too.

    I also LOVE working with migrant farmworkers.
  2. by   purple_rose_3
    I love working with Cardiac patients, age perferably older than 40!
  3. by   GeauxNursing
    Quote from TeleRNer
    Amen to that! I love working with patient's who mostly speak Spanish and I find myself commmunicating in my broken Spanish to them. It's comical and patient's have fun trying to solve the riddle of what I'm driving at when speaking. I explained benifit of it to someone who said that my Spanish was very poor indeed. Well, I said if you hear a foreigner say: "Big Rock run fast over hill, you move now!" Are you going to correct his English? "Dear fellow you must use proper English when addressing an American..." -- WHAM!
    i agree! i love my Spanish-speakers! they teach me so much, and I would like to think i sort of teach them, too!
  4. by   GeauxNursing
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I enjoy working with comatose patients and those who are in persistent vegetative states, since they cannot verbally abuse me, complain, or make any demands of me. I also love Alzheimer's patients since they are confused and forgetful.

    Commuter, you are "staff" now? Go you!
  5. by   ASSEDO
    Surgery, patient is asleep and family can't enter into that world.
  6. by   leslie :-D
    the elderly, hands down.
    i respected them, as a kid.
    honored them, as an adult.
    and totally enjoy them, as a nurse.
    love, love, LOVE them. bow:

  7. by   P_RN
    Oh the frail elderly hands down. They have such a rich store of memories that someone needs to hear at least once more. My mother has alzheimer's and I would dearly love to hear a story, any story once more. I made her a notebook of short stories she has told over and over. How my grandmother took over as county jailer when my gf died. How Mama met Daddy at Palisaides park shooting gallery. Each time she opens it she always says....."Why this is my life story!" Like in the movie the Notebook.
    Sunday she actually woke from a nap and remembered my name. And THAT's why my LOLs and LOGs are my favorites.
  8. by   EmmaG
    Older and elderly adults. I've learned so much from them, and their stories are so interesting and amazing. I could sit and listen to them for hours. I'm honored they would think enough of me to share this with me.

    Can't do kids, though. No way.
  9. by   annmariern
    The WW2 generation. So inspirational, so grateful for their care, so tough. Give me the grannies/grandpas any day.
  10. by   Shantas
    I love working with elderly population, I love the stories of "good ol time" that they share with me.
    I took care of this 100 yrs old alert and oriented lady, I asked her what was the secret behind her looking so young....she told me it was the kiss that she got from her husband every night before she went to sleep
  11. by   EmmaG
    Quote from annmariern
    The WW2 generation. So inspirational, so grateful for their care, so tough. Give me the grannies/grandpas any day.

    An elderly couple told me of how they'd dated in high school, then he went off to war. They drifted apart, got married to others, had kids, lived on opposite coasts, lost touch with each other. Both of their spouses died, and they each ended up moving back to their hometown. Met and rekindled their love about a month before she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She didn't want to burden him, but he insisted he loved her and wanted to be married for whatever time they had left together.

    She died not long after they wed. I was there the night she died, and he hugged me so tight, thanking me for helping them get through this. Later, he started to volunteer at the hospital, and every time I saw him he'd grab me and tear up, calling me his 'frog princess' (I'd come to visit them dressed like that on Halloween while she was in the hospital).
  12. by   TigerGalLE
    I love A&O elderly patients. Esp the ones who are so grateful for your care. They understand how hard we work and they actually appreciate the care we give them. They also have great stories to tell. I really love my elderly veterans who tell me about their travels and war stories.

    I had a confused lil ol' man the other day that was getting on everyones nerves. I got him talking about how he spent time in africa when he was in the army. Everytime I went in the room he had another story to tell me. He behaved the whole shift and I got to hear all about elephants, giraffes, and women with rings around their neck and holes through their lips. It was a great day. I had to give him blood that day so I was in there a lot.
  13. by   Liberty Bellpn
    Originally Posted by annmariern
    The WW2 generation. So inspirational, so grateful for their care, so tough. Give me the grannies/grandpas any day.

    I went to school with the intention of being a geriatric nurse because I enjoyed them so much as a CNA.
    I love the alert forgetful LOLs and gents.
    The other day a new admit said, "miss, can you tell an old veteran the best way to get out of here?"

    I can't do kids either; I thought I would leave school during pedi.