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  1. purple_rose_3

    Are sign-on bonuses a thing of the past?

    I received a $5,000 sign on bonus in Missouri in June of 2012. The terms were an ICU nurse with 5+ years experience. I got $2,500 my first paycheck and the additional $2,500 after a year of service.
  2. purple_rose_3

    Agency nursing in Houston TX?

    I sure hope some people respond. I'm also curious which agencies contract in this area!
  3. purple_rose_3

    Help! Relocating to Columbus, Ohio!

    Great info thanks! We are looking for something quie in a nice neighborhood! We currently pay $850and in rent so anything in that range or lower would be best.
  4. purple_rose_3

    Help! Relocating to Columbus, Ohio!

    Thank you for the responses. We are actually in Columbus right now visiting and have driven through the Dublin and Worthington areas and they seem really nice! Are there any other areas you would recommend?
  5. purple_rose_3

    Help! Relocating to Columbus, Ohio!

    We are relocating to Columbus in 2 months and this website is making me nervous. I am an experienced nurse with 4 years of cardiac and 2 years of ICU (my current job), but all these people posting about not being able to find jobs are making me nervous! I have a BSN with ACLS, PALS, TNCC, and of course BLS certifications. I feel kind of crazy thinking about having to start applying for jobs already! Does anyone recommend a good hospital or area to live in? We are pretty flexible about where we are willing to live as long as it's about 30 minutes from Columbus or closer. I've searched a lot of the hospitals and there are numerous jobs available! I'm having a hard time narrowing down which jobs/hospitals to apply at. Thanks for taking the time to help!
  6. purple_rose_3

    Share Your "Brain" Sheet

    LuvofNursing - neither one of them opened on my computer.
  7. purple_rose_3

    What specialty has the most assignments

    I've seen a lot of contracts for ER, ICU, and OR recently.
  8. purple_rose_3

    Good jobs for Nursing Students

    If you're interested in Cardiac Nursing then a monitor tech (monitoring heart rhythms) would look good on your resume.
  9. purple_rose_3

    I Worked A Movie Set as a RN!

    Wow, very cool!
  10. purple_rose_3

    Hospital Parking

    I park for free in a parking ramp that has a sky walk over to the hospital. Please don't hate me.....
  11. purple_rose_3

    Can a CNA apply as a medical assistant?

    You need to check with your BON. In my state you have to work as a CNA for 6 months and get a reference from your current boss to even enter the class. The CMA class I think is about the same length of time as the CNA.
  12. purple_rose_3

    Is nursing less stressful for people with no kids and no life to begin with?

    I was in your same situation when I was in nursing school. And to answer your question....yes, it seems like my life was a lot easier and simpler than most of my classmates.
  13. purple_rose_3


    I hope everyone has a blessed day filled with friends, family, and thanksgiving!
  14. purple_rose_3

    Patient Acuity/Workload Measurement Tool?

    We use the grasp system, I've also heard it called MistroCleff.
  15. purple_rose_3

    Re-assement of Pain scores on Flow sheets

    We put the pain flowsheets with the MAR's and that has increased our compliance. Kind of hard to miss it when you pass med's multiple times throughout the day.