What patient population do you enjoy working with the most?


Infants, Young Children, Older Children, Young Adults, Older Adults, or Elderly?

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I always enjoyed young adults. Peds is definitely not my forte'.


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When I was in nursing school I always said that I've never work with the elderly. I thought it would be boring and that they were all cranky. Man was I wrong. I love working with the elderly. I especially love alzheimer's patients. There's just something special about them. I have no tolerance for psych (God bless you all who do).


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I have no tolerance for psych (God bless you all who do).

Amen to that! I love working with patient's who mostly speak Spanish and I find myself communicating in my broken Spanish to them. It's comical and patient's have fun trying to solve the riddle of what I'm driving at when speaking. I explained benifit of it to someone who said that my Spanish was very poor indeed. Well, I said if you hear a foreigner say: "Big Rock run fast over hill, you move now!" Are you going to correct his English? "Dear fellow you must use proper English when addressing an American..." -- WHAM!


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I love working with the Spanish speaking population too! My experience is that any attempt to communicate is usually greatly appreciated.

My overall favorite pt population? I'd have to say pregnant women/girls. Sometimes it can be so fun, sometimes challenging, heartbreaking, frustrating. Especially first time moms and dads. There's so much to teach!

The Latino population is so family oriented, it's usually very rewarding to work with pregnant latinas. You tend to get to know the whole family!

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I like young adults... probably because I can relate to them the most, and also because they don't scream and cry like toddlers and MOST don't act like they are entitled/are staying in a Hilton when they're in a hospital!

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I enjoy those between the ages of 20-40. I sometimes enjoy our elderly patients, but I don't like having tons of chronic illnesses such as COPD, CHF, etc. I would rather have something acute or a trauma!

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I love my kids... of all ages, babies to the 20-some-year-olds!! They are awesome. I also love teaching new parents, or "old" parents who have something new going on with their kid. And learning a LOT from the parents of so many of the kids with chronic illnesses.


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Well I'm just a SN but I love the vulnerable populations like elderly and peds. I think I can do more for them in terms of advocacy.

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Hands down it's geriatrics. I think they deserve so much respect that they don't get in this society. I'm so much more comfortable with them than with anyone else. In school I was always teased that "all the old men like not now" and it's kinda true ;).

I love me some kids but I'm too nervous around them.


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I don't do direct care anymore. I educate parents of children with developmental disabilities. I love that part of my job.

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Geriatrics, they have some of the most wonderful stories to tell. :1luvu:

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