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  1. happydays352


    Well I failed my first lab pratical exam. Not only did I get the wrong diastolic I forgot to check the skin on the legs and palpate the stomach . I've also been late to lab twice and missed three communication classes. If I'm late to lab again I get...
  2. happydays352

    More work drama

    She was sharing her issues with me . She knew I was supposed to be off and when she asked why I was still working I told her that my manager forgot and went to church. I didn't say it in a away that was derogatory to my manager just stated what actua...
  3. happydays352

    More work drama

    Gaahhhh! It happened again! My manager/best friend "forgot" that I had taken Sunday off and that she had to work. When I told her (the morning I was supposed to be off) she told me that she had to go to church because her Dad was already on the way t...
  4. happydays352

    drug testing in school

    I was tested for school. I had to give my urine to a very nice lady. I didn't have to do it in front of her. I would have objected to that, yikes!
  5. happydays352

    For Profit Nursing Homes

    We have five pts and one wife who lives with her husband. One cat and our two crazy dogs :). We were a level three home, now we are a level two though we obtain exemptions for any level three pts, we currently have one who has lived there for twelve ...
  6. happydays352

    Rude remarks by doc with his own kids

    My dad rounded with us and when I was older I watched him do infant physicals (with permission of course). My love of medicine has endured and the seed was planted when I was a little girl. He never used the nurses as babysitters, he just wanted to s...
  7. happydays352

    I AM "tough enough"!

    Like the above poster said there is nothing wrong with being a caring or empathetic person, just make sure your emotions aren't getting in the way of your care. Watch your non-verbal ques you might be showing emotional distress which might be what th...
  8. happydays352

    For Profit Nursing Homes

    I work at a private adult foster home. We are for profit, however our staff are all nursing students and our owner is an RN. I think this is best place for our elderly to live. They are still in a home setting, surrounded by people who truly love the...
  9. :barf02:Sick sick sick what is wrong with these people?
  10. happydays352

    Husband and Wife need advice!

    My mom took pay w/o benefits b/c she was covered by the military, she made 25$ an hour versus the 20$ with bennies.
  11. happydays352

    "Too smart" to be a nurse

    That actually made me laugh outloud
  12. happydays352

    Thumbguard -V - Thudguard?

    Seriously you've got to be kidding me. :icon_roll
  13. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  14. happydays352

    What is Your Christmas Wish ??

    I want to see my family . I miss them. Merry Christmas everybody!
  15. It sure makes it hard to be caring and compassionate when mngt practices lead to nurses being unable to eat or pee for 12 hours. I wouldn't have to time be caring if I had ten pts to take care of, I'd settle for keeping them all alive. Most nurses I'...