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mianders has 13 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER, Infusion therapy, Oncology.

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  1. mianders

    Writing to the congressmen

    I think there was more to it than not wanting to help the community. There are parts of this plan would require doctors to do their residency where the gov. tells them to. Which means telling them where they have to live. It also sets caps on fees the physicans can charge. There are many parts of this bill that will not only hurt doctors but regular citizens (ie..gov. access to your personal and financial records). I have read parts of what this bill has in it and frankly, it scare the hell out of me. Just because you disagree with it does not mean you don't want to help. It just means this is not the right way to do it.
  2. I am a RN in TX and completely disagree with the actions of the District Attorney in this county, but I also resent your statement "The nerve of Texas". It was not the State of TX that did this!!!!! It was a small town District Attorney in one county in TX. I would hope all RN's in the TX would support these 2 nurses.
  3. mianders

    How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    It has been a long time since I was able to log on to allnurses and this is the first thread I came to. I have read most of the post and there are some very strong opinions from each side of the issue. Each one can make strong arguments for their side and provide convincing data to support their opinions. I in no way have the answers to the problems in healthcare. As nurses we see so many problems in our healthcare systems whether it is here in the US or in countries with UHC. I have a nephew right now who was injured in a motorcycle accident and broke his arm. He was treated in the ER and his arm was splinted. He was told to follow up with an Orthopedic surgeon to determine if he needed a pin. Every surgeon he called wanted at least $500 for the FIRST visit. He has no insurance and no job. His only option is to leave the splint on for 4-6 weeks and hope it heals right. This is just one story. I am sure each of us can come up with more than one whether it is from personal experience or as a nurse. This is an issue that can not be rammed through just to say we did something though. It needs people from all interested areas to sit down and formulate a WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN that would be best for our system here in the US. There will be disagreements and not everyone will be happy but it is time for a change.
  4. mianders

    Will you work during a Pandemic?

    Not without PPE! I would do no good to anyone if I am infected.
  5. mianders

    Would you accept LPN wages as an RN just to have a job?

    I am sorry you are in the position that you would have to consider such an option. I learned a long time of go to never say never, but I would have to be in a very bad position first. Good luck.
  6. mianders

    News grads in level 1 Trauma

    I worked in a trauma center that did internships for new grads and it worked very well. It all depends on the expectations of management. Our interns worked side-by-side with a preceptor for a minimum of 3 months and then were evaluated to see if they could start taking a lighter pt assignment with a buddy they could turn to as needed. I would definately ask questions before accepting the internship.
  7. mianders

    Speciality Pay

    I have never worked at a hospital that paid specialty pay.
  8. mianders

    ER nurses make $144,000 a year!

    I worked in the ER for 12 years and never came close to making that much money, even with OT. There are agency nurses making 40-45$/hr that if they work a lot of OT could top 100k, but you would also have no life.
  9. mianders

    Dad's trip to ED

    From the information given, I would think the syncopal episode was related to a HR in the 30's and not dehydration. As you stated his SBP was 110. He may have been kept NPO in the ER because they were not sure when he was going to have the pacemaker placed. If there were no beds available in the hospital then the ER can not be held responsible if he had to be there for 6 hours. Sadly this is a relatively short period of time to be in the ER waiting for admission. My patients are in our clinic sometimes for hours and some of them void constantly and there are some that can sit all day and never go to the bathroom. I would think your fathers labs would have been a better indicator of his need for hydration. If the nurses in the ER knew you were a nurse at the hospital they probably thought if your father or you required anything you would ask. If you had questions for the doctor why didn't you ask?
  10. mianders

    Is the pay really that bad??

    I think a lot depends on how long you have been a nurse, what area of nursing you go into, and where you live. In the area I live in starting pay for new grads is around $20hr- $24hr. Experienced staff nurses make $30hr-$36hr. Then you have to add in benefits (ins, retirement, vacation, holidays, ect.). Agency nurses can make quite a bit more than this but usually do not have the benefits. Then there is OT. I know nurses that make 100k/yr, but they work themselves to death. It all comes down to what you think is good pay, and what you are willing to work to make it.
  11. mianders

    Need To Vent About Yesterday @ Work

  12. mianders

    question about pre-emplyment physical

    Ask the employee health nurse if you can get a copy.
  13. mianders

    Challenging the Nursing Board

    My suggestion would be to contact the State Board.
  14. mianders

    Where do you draw the line?

    I have found that MOST of the people I have encountered in this profession have been professional and curteous. You will find exceptions to this but always remain professional and keep the patients best interest first and it usually works out. Good luck.
  15. mianders

    ANA is worthless

    I also agree. Our hospital has almost a 100% turnaround in nursing supervision in the last 3 years. I have had 3 supervisors in the last 2 years. Anyone that does not go with the status quo is fired.
  16. mianders

    NPs and PAs

    We use both in the ER and their roles are exactly the same. They are both advanced practice degrees and are responsible for running the minor care area. They order test and write prescriptions. I think there are limitations on the types of prescriptions they can write but am not sure exactly which ones.