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:welcome: I just thought it would be interesting to see what schools everyone attended for nursing. This is open to everyone all the way from hospitals that grant diplomas in nursing to large... Read More

  1. by   michelle.laree
    I am go through a fast track RN program called Apollo College. I am just happy the program is only 2 years. It is a small private school.
  2. by   RNrural
    I graduated on May 10, 2008 from Morgan Community College in Fort Morgan, Colorado with my ADN. Very tough and excellent program.Never underestimate the small community colleges, they are awesome!
    My fondest memory actually occured last week when I walked into the hospital I have worked at for 10 years (yes even through school!) as a CNA, with RN on my shiny new badge. At 49 it is a thrill I never imagined I would experience.
    aka CNArural now known as RNrural!
  3. by   griffithgirl
    I graduated from Parkland College in Champaign Illinois almost 20 years ago. Seems like it was just yesterday, it was the smartest decision I ever made.:wink2:
  4. by   rn-jane
    I graduated from shadyside hospital school of nursing in pittsburgh, pa for my RN. At the time they were affiliated with Carlow college. I got my bsn from Penn state.
  5. by   maluangel118
    I went to SFA in Nac! Axe em' Jacks!
  6. by   Bortaz, RN
    South Texas College, currently, in McAllen, Tx - ADN program.

    I'll most likely get my BSN and MSN from UT-Tyler, in Tyler Texas, or SFA. Another possibility is some school in Houston if I get into an internship at a hospital there.
  7. by   husker_rn
    I graduated with my BSN from Bishop Clarkson College of Nursing in Omaha, Nebraska; now Clarkson College. They are a private college that's been around since 1888. It was tough but I would recommend it. Best part of it was that the whole class pulled together and were compared to a school of dolphins [ who circle fellow dolphins in trouble ]. That in itself was a very valuable lesson.
  8. by   ONCRN84
    Washington State University Intercollegiate College of Nursing.

    Say that 10 times fast.

    I loved college though. I did my first 2.5 years at the main campus. After that for nursing school, you have to move to a branch campus in a bigger city. Otherwise... well... all you'd learn is detox on 18-24 year olds. I chose to move back to my home town and live at home for free. I frequently miss those first 2.5 years in a university town, busting my butt but having fun.
  9. by   PeachyERNurse
    University of South Florida
  10. by   danh3190
    I just graduated from Shadyside Hospital School of Nursing in Pittsburgh. They're now associated with Chatham College. I was very satisfied with my training there.
  11. by   calebsmom0822
    I graduated with my ASN from Lester L. Cox College of Nursing and Health Sciences, in Springfield MO. (Used to be named Burg School of Nursing)
    I'm now attending Chamberlain College of Nursing (formerly known as Deaconess College of Nursing) based out of St. Louis. I'm in my last semester of the RN-BSN program, will graduate in Oct!!! woohoo
  12. by   NMDGURL
    My Nursing School Was My High School As Well...i Graduated From William T. Mcfatter Technical High School In South Florida
  13. by   cardschicarn
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