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  1. ONCRN84

    Chlorhexidine and dematitis (contact)

    My reply is the same as Banora. My old hospital had hand sanitizer with it and it made me break out in contact dermatitis. I went to the derm, that's what he suggested was the culprit, and it resolved a couple weeks after I stopped using it. Good luck to you. It's certainly obnoxious to deal with!
  2. ONCRN84

    Is this normal?

    Call. I had a c-spine fracture (and hematoma) patient one night who had terrible burning/tingling pain in his hands and only his hands. Moving all extremeties, alert and oriented, neurologically intact. We started him on our solumedrol protocol and within 24 hrs it was gone.
  3. ONCRN84

    Prayer as a Nursing Intervention

    I work in a Catholic hospital... prayer is certainly used often but I don't think it's necessarily for health benefit. I think we use it more for emotional/mental benefit. It may not improve the patient's health or outcome, but it does comfort the patient and family (if they're of a faith that believes in it). I pray silently for patient's and their suffering families all the time. I also pray to have good nights =)
  4. Nope. That's close to minimum wage in my state. If I can work at PetSmart and not have the stress of nursing and make the same, I'd do it.
  5. ONCRN84

    Midazolam GTT

    Max is 20mg/hr. We usually have Fentanyl/Versed running and add Propofol if needed.
  6. ONCRN84

    Question about IVF clinic job

    You're going to deal with a lot of emotions in the fertility clinic. People who haven't been able to get pregnant for years, people who have had many miscarriages... then on the flip side people who finally do get pregnant and have a child.
  7. ONCRN84

    White Boards

    Pt's name or what they like to be called, RN's name, CCT name. Then there's a blank space for whatever. Sometimes phone numbers, sometimes last CBG, sometimes "hi mom we love you!" from the family... just depends. When we get an admit we quickly put weight and CBG there but it gets erased once it's charted.
  8. ONCRN84

    Been Living A Sendentary Life

    I second the idea of the trainer. When I joined a gym 5 years ago it came with 3 personal training sessions. I did one a month for 3 months. It included a body composition test then about 45 minutes of "training". She showed me how to use different machine, help me set goals and a plan, and then after a month showed me my progress and tweaked my program. It was HUGE help when I was getting started. I fell off the fitness wagon for a while, but now that I'm getting back into it I can still pull from the knowledge she gave me. Congrats on deciding to change and good luck with your journey!
  9. ONCRN84

    First pt code... is this normal?

    We don't really know at this point. I was in 20 minutes prior and he had no complaints. He was doing his usual cough, vitals were the same (on levo). He was joking around with me, as he had been all night. O2 sats mid 90s. Urine output at been marginal all night (renal failure). The PA was in discussing code status 30-40 minutes prior. I came in and he was dusky, tachy, and talking. Called my charge, ordered stat ABGs, but before we got them he became unresponsive. He was going to be made a no code later, but wanted to wait til his sister got there. His renal panal was unchanged from the day before, his CBC showed he was dry (3rd spacing all day. MD aware), but his ABGs showed acidosis. PH 7. He had made statements throughout the day regarding death. When I did my 4am assessment I commented that he still sounded congested, but no worse than earlier. He said "I know. Sweetie I'm dying." (that was when I called about the code talk again and the PA came to talk to him). I think it gets to me because he just wanted to wait for his sister, then he was going to be a no code. He didn't want interventions, but it wasn't going to become an official order until the afternoon. When he looked at me it was like "What the hell did you do to me?" Part of me wonders if he had denied something important because he gave up and was ready to go. When the day shift MD got there he wasn't fully sedated yet and she talked to him for a while. He was answering yes and no appropriately and was expressing he wanted to be extubated and understood he'd die. They withdrew the pressors and extubated around 830.
  10. ONCRN84

    First pt code... is this normal?

    Thanks everyone for the comments and support. I know there will be more codes and it's just a matter of learning how to process the emotions that follow. I worked inpatient oncology/hospice as a new grad for 2 years and I still remember some of the patient deaths I experienced. I learned how to handle those emotions so I'm sure I'll learn how to deal with these.
  11. ONCRN84

    First pt code... is this normal?

    Thank you for your response. I have a few years of nursing experience, but I'm new in the ICU so this was the first coding pt I was responsible for. There's more background on the pt but I don't really want to put it out there. I think what got to me most was after he was tubed he came to (amazing what some oxygenation does huh), looked at me and started crying and shaking his head. It just broke my heart. I'm going to e-mail one of our hospital educators that I trust and see if we can talk for a few. I feel like I need to debrief.
  12. ONCRN84

    Not cut out to be a nurse

    I'm in a similar spot, but I've learned that every once in a while something happens that makes us question our abilities, ourselves, our career choice... but on the other hand, every once in a while things happen that make us say "THIS is why I'm a nurse." That patient you touch who looks at you teary eyed and says "thank you for being so kind to me"... the family you supported as their loved one dies... etc. We all have crappy nights that make us wonder why, when we could've chosen any career path, we chose this one (I had one last night and I left crying as well). It might be time to take a little break and regroup. I prayed a lot, but to each his own. I've been a nurse for 3 years and still have moments. Hang in there. When I worked oncology I went home crying at least once a month. And I LOVED that job.
  13. ONCRN84

    First pt code... is this normal?

    Last night I had a pt code early in the morning. This pt had been alert, oriented, and talking to me all night. No complaints of chest pain, SOB, or distress. I was in the room about 20 minutes before it happened and pt was talking to me said he was feeling fine. Fast forward to coding pt. He survived, but passed away on day shift. My question... is it normal to replay the night and wonder if you missed some subtle sign or symptom? I keep trying to figure out if I missed something earlier that could've been treated prior to the actual code. I know it's not my fault and that I can't change it... I dunno.
  14. ONCRN84

    Sign announcing you're an RN on your car?

    I have a small (3"x2") window cling that says Nursing Alumni with my school logo in the middle on the driver's side looow windshield. That's about as far as I'd go.
  15. ONCRN84

    male pts who pull out foleys?

    I had one do that on medical. I was a new nurse and was told by an older nurse that I need to replace it ASAP before the swelling closed off the urethra and we wouldn't be able to get one in and he'd be unable to pee. Don't know if it's true or not, but it made sense at the time and we put one right back in.
  16. ONCRN84

    Dilaudid and bp

    My husband did that in the ER with his kidney stone. He got a couple doses of Dilauded, dropped his BP to 80s/40s (previously 120/72), HR in the 40s, and O2 in the 80s. I was like um... I know he's a big guy (6'1" 240lbs) but he's never had IV narcotics... I was certainly glad I was a nurse and there.