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Nurses that are brilliant but do not know the difference between contraindication and contradiction! :rotfl: https://youtu.be/23NI4OuxB9A... Read More

  1. by   elthia
    When the pt has 2 IV's that both expired 2-3 days ago, and he has veins like a horse, we have had 2 patients on po abx now due to infected IV's on my floor. Seriously, it's that bad, and 4-6 shifts and NO one could start an IV on this man? He had veins like the mannequin you practiced on in school, only he was hairier. Come to think of it, his skin was easier to pierce than that plastic too.
  2. by   kool-aide, RN
    Quote from MURunner86
    Probably my biggest pet peeve is when the nurse I am following clearly hasn't done mouth care (VAP bundle) in a LONG, LONG time.
    Yes! I just wrote a whole thread about that! "lack of basic care--appalling!" Drives me up the wall!
  3. by   clfrn
    My biggest peeve is a call bell ringing and a RN walks by without answering because it isn't their patient!!
  4. by   frankie3919
    When I get asked are you a nurse or a LPN? Um.....both, k?
  5. by   Poi Dog
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    "So you're studying to be a doctor, right?" :smackingf

    And I hate it when the off-going shift leaves the room a mess, has an empty bag of IV fluids hanging (and this patient is on a continuous infusion) and when the water pitcher has been changed all day...
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    When I have to spend an hour cleaning up after the last shift! NOT with patient care things but with things such as syringe wrappers, IV tubing wrappers, medication vials that are strewn all over the med prep area. Walking into the CLEAN utility room to find supplies all over the floor because the previous shift RN's are too lazy to pick things up that they've dropped on the floor! It's the SAME RN's who do this time and time and time again!!!! I wonder who cleans up after them at home!

    Day shift coming in late! The one RN lives FIVE MINUTES AWAY and she's ALWAYS late EVERY DAY!!!! We didn't start report yesterday AM until 6:58 and my coworker and I had 5 pt's to report off on. Our shift times start at 6:45am but because the day shift princesses don't WALK IN THE DOOR until 6:50am(or sometimes later) ,we don't get out on time!
  8. by   turnforthenurse
    When off-going shift leaves me with bad IV's...

    and single-lumen PICC lines. Seriously, what's the point???
  9. by   NocturneNrse
    Trying to give report to the oncoming in the am and everyone is just chatting away having their coffee and muffin while I'm trying to get the hell outa there!
  10. by   turnforthenurse
    The "that's not my patient" coworker.
  11. by   poopprincess
    I can't stand being interrupted during report or nurses who want to talk about how nice the patient is/or how horrible their families are for 20 min. I'm sorry they looked at you funny or asked for ice, however I can make my own opinion about them, thank you. Now lets get on the relevant stuff...

    Also, when I am slammed and my co-worker is sitting down reading a book I tend to get irked.
  12. by   carolmaccas66
    Quote from Jasminbear
    Nurses that think just because they have a BSN they are better (they all take the NCLEX, adn or bsn)

    Old nurses that will not retire

    Nurses that are "too good" to clean a butt

    Nurses that gossip about everyone while they sit there and just get fatter like the majority of them are
    I agree with the majority of this, even though I'm a BSN.
    But what do you consider as 'old'? Just curious.
  13. by   carolmaccas66
    Quote from SoundofMusic
    Oh, and techs who won't fill water pitchers. Just drives me nuts. I get that they can't be everywhere at once, but this just ought to be something that's routinely done, with baths, with vitals, etc. PLEASE.
    When I was a student, and also worked as a RN in country hospitals, we always went round & filled the water jugs, got tea & coffee etc for every patient at about 1pm - b4 handover. This is part of rural nursing. I wish we had techs & PTs etc to help out with our work, it would be nice. In the bigger hospitals, we still have to make tea/coffee etc as the kitchen girl only comes round a few times a day to do this. I wish we had ward helpers too - the best we get it volunteers, but they don't work reliable hours & rarely go near any patients, they sit in the back rooms not doing much it seems. My pet peeve: why hire volunteers if they can't help out with patients requests at least for tea & coffee?