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  1. Marie13

    CHOC RN Residency June 2017

    Congrats! Did your status online change?
  2. Marie13

    City of Hope New grad program November 2016

    Does anyone know how long this process takes? It's been a month since my second interview, losing hope
  3. Marie13

    Which hospital to pick?

  4. Marie13

    Which hospital to pick?

    Hi guys, I'm just soliciting some advice. I got my RN license in March and I have applied to different hospitals in the area. It seems as if I passed both of my interviews at my dream hospital but I still don't have an offer letter, so I can't say officially that I am in. This process has been almost two months since I applied and the program is set to begin at the end of June. I emailed the nurse recruiter and she responded on Monday that they should have my offer letter by the end of this week. Does that sound promising? I had another interview at this small hospital on Wednesday and they said they would call me on Friday. Now should I just say no to the smaller hospital and wait for the official offer letter on the big teaching hospital that has a new grad program?
  5. Marie13

    CHOC RN Residency June 2017

    I applied Friday. I believe your resume and cover letter was uploaded at the beginning.
  6. Marie13

    NCLEX March 2017

    Some of my classmates got their name posted by 48 hours. I had mine posted in 72 business hours. Like some of them took it on Thursday and saw their name on Saturday. I took mine Thursday and saw my name this morning.
  7. Marie13

    Got the Good pop up on PVT, and still waiting..

    Just wanted to update and tell you guys I passed! the PVT worked for me by doing it CORRECTLY. Good luck to all of you waiting for your results! you will also pass!
  8. Marie13

    NCLEX March 2017

    i got my results today and I passed! Uworld was really helpful!
  9. Marie13

    Got the Good pop up on PVT, and still waiting..

    Hi guys, I took my NCLEX RN on Thursday March 9 at the Ontario California test center. I got the "on hold status" at first and then the good pop up. The test was a blur and I'm really nervous about it. It felt like half was SATA. Stopped at 75. My classmates have all gotten their results within 48 hours at different test sites. Any advice ? I haven't been able to stop checking the breeze website
  10. Marie13

    NCLEX March 2017

    Hi guys, i took my NCLEX RN on Thursday March 9 in California. A couple classmates took their test the same day and have their name on breeze already. I did PVT and keep getting the good pop up. I'm wondering if different test sites take different time in posting? Or the fact that I'm an LVN is delaying? I just need to know! I've been checking like every hour since.
  11. Marie13

    LVN to BSN in West Coast University

    I recommend you take the pre reqs at a community college to lower the total loan for wcu. Unfortunately I couldn't get them done so I'm doing them through wcu and I'm starting next month. Good luck.
  12. Marie13

    West Coast University

    I have really good credit and I needed a cosigner. It's so funny with all these "with that kind of money you could buy this and that..." I am pretty sure everyone knows what they're getting into. We know what the figures add up to. It just works better for other people rather than waiting years to see if they might make it into a nursing program while they're pre reqs are expiring. If wcu was so bad, people would stop inquiring in going. I actually had to go on a wait list for the following start date. Some people invest in expensive cars, expensive purses etc, I'm investing in my future.
  13. Marie13

    West Coast University 2014

  14. Marie13

    West Coast University 2014

    Hi guys, Are all of you going to the ontario campus?
  15. Marie13

    HESI Admission Assessment-WCU

    Hi there, I took it also, I believe I got like an 80%, it's not hard, it's very long. So I do recommend studying that book. Good luck!
  16. Marie13

    Job outlook in SoCal.

    If you have atleast 1 year experience, especially in an acute facility, you shouldn't have a hard time finding a job in SoCal