What have you done for yourself lately?

  1. Nursing student here. In our last clinical rotation (psych), the instructors had us write a journal each week and include an entry on how we "took care of ourselves" each week. I was curious what you do for yourselves "in the real world" to keep yourself sane?
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  3. by   Cmariehart
    Good question, let's see

    I went to Barnes and Noble and went on a book buying spree (I'm a bookworm)
    I had one of their giant strawberry lemonades
    And I bought a Red Sox t-shirt and wore it to the BF parents house just for fun (they're all Yankee's fans)
    And we're remodeling our bathroom
  4. by   hajer
    well,, i start my new diet this week because i want to loss about 3 KG BEFORE MY GRAGUATION PARTY IN 28 MAY
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    hmmmm....interesting thread....i received my new book that i ordered....cooked spaghetti and ate a ton of ice cream!!! its my lazy saturday today gotta do some laundry tomorrow tho i played eq2 for an hour too! otherwise nothing really important lol.
  6. by   kcalohagirl
    Let me see. . . . .I have learned that taking care of myself helps me take better care of my patients. So......what I do for myself. . . . .

    Every 1-2 months, a facial and a pedicure. I spend enough time on my feet that a pedicure is pure heaven.

    When I can afford it....(I wish I could do every 2 weeks or so) a full-body massage. You go through enough crap at work. A massage helps you let go of it.

    Right now I am also working out with a personal trainer 1-2 times a week. After I have had an awful night at work, I might not want to get out of bed, but knowing I *have* to get out of bed of forfeit the trainer's fee is great incentive. Also, there is no better way to work out aggression than to bounce a medicine ball around for an hour doing various exercises.

    And maybe one of the best..... one night at home alone with my husband, who luckily, also happens to be an RN. We can vent. We cook, we watch silly movies, we cuddle on the couch. He has been known to hold me when I cry out my frustrations about the previous shift(s). We turn off the phones, we ignore the world. It helps an enormous amount.

    However, considering the freaking awful past 2 weeks I have had, I am booking myself into the spa for a half day of beauty. Lord knows I can use the help right now. LOL
  7. by   GingerSue
    I find my cookbooks and start looking for French recipes.
    Buy a treat like English Stilton cheese.
  8. by   kcalohagirl
    Oooooh. That is one of my other ones. I love to cook. And sometimes, there is a certain sort of bliss to be found in a difficult, particularly scrumptious recipe. I got a very unexpected compliment the other day, when a friend of mine who just got promoted to the head chef position at a prominent restaurant, told me that he would rather come to dinner at my house than cook himself.

    I have to admit it. I preened. Praise is always welcome, whether it is for my cooking or nursing skills.
  9. by   AlabamaBelle
    I love to sew. This weekend, I'm attending an "Embroidery Party" hosted by my machine dealer along with the designer/creator of a certain line of embroidery software with luscious patterns to stitch out on my machine.

    I've made a lot of my scrub tops and put embroidery on them of all types ; Winnie Pooh, Mickey & Minnie, florals, etc.

    My husband and I also ballroom dance. It's something we both enjoy. It is so far removed from work it's heavenly. What could be better than exercising in a pretty dress and my dance shoes???

  10. by   LatinGirl
    I have quit smoking and started exercising more. I also like to take nice long bubble baths.
  11. by   gt4everpn
    I listen to music, read the Bible daily, Laugh - so important it is , even things are bad enough to make you cry, just laugh! , go shopping!
  12. by   MikeyJ
    For me I don't have an abundance of money to "treat" myself. However, for me I love to run and if I don't run at least 5 nights I will go crazy! So I run at least 4 miles a night and it helps me tremendously when dealing with stress, anger, sadness, etc. It also makes me feel amazingly refreshed the following day.
  13. by   ann945n
    I went to the craft store and bought tons of yarn, now knitting a new baby blanket for a friend due in June. Its my way of relaxing
  14. by   Sisukas
    I buy myself season tickets to our local minor league hockey club and go to all the games. There's nothing like watching hard checks, yelling at both teams, celebrating goals, drinking a beer and doing the Cotton-Eyed Joe to relieve stress after a 12 hour day. Not to mention the occasional fight.
    I also joined to Booster club and got elected to the board so I can help support the team. They're a great bunch of guys with a huge variety of interests.