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Peds, PICU, Home health, Dialysis
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MikeyJ is a RN and specializes in Peds, PICU, Home health, Dialysis.

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  1. MikeyJ

    PhD in Education

    If you look at a President or Provost's bio, you will find that all of them started off as an assistant or associate professor and went up the ranks until they got full professor. They then usually start taking leadership positions within their department (i.e., Director of Undergraduate Programs, Assistant Dean of Research, etc.) and then eventually become Dean. It is then that they can begin to look at applying for positions of Provost or President. Also, if you look at most President or Provost's bios, nearly all of them have a Ph.D. in their specialty. Most of them have extensive experience in teaching and impressive lists of published publications. A Ph.D. in "Higher Education Leadership" will not give you a leg up... what will give you a leg up is many many many years of experience as a professor, hard work, and ensuring you publish a lot of research. President/Provost positions are far and few between and are extremely competitive. Go to higheredjobs website -- nearly all colleges/universities use this site and take a look at the requirements for president and provost positions.
  2. MikeyJ

    Being Sued / Losing License

    2/3 of posts relate to being sued and losing license? I actually cannot remember the last time I read a posting related to either of these topics. I have only been a nurse for a few years but have never known anyone to lose their license or get sued.
  3. MikeyJ

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I haven't had a lot of exposure considering I am still a nursing student, but I don't think its "older" nurses persay, it is nurses in general. You will always have one or two nurses who seem jaded and uncaring. If I ever get to that point, hopefully I have the self-awareness to realize it and switch my career focus.