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What have other peers done intentional/unintentional to freak you out? Good or bad. Happy or sad. On my FIRST day as an LVN, (LTC) a res was screaming in her room as I was walking out to leave. I... Read More

  1. by   texas_lvn
    Quote from oldshoes
    So, what do you guys do when your cow-irkers do this stuff? Is your first inclination to smack them in the head and yell, "What are you thinking?!?", or do you go tell the boss? Seriously, do you feel comfortable stepping up and saying something when a coworker does something they shouldn't? Do you say something immediately, or do you wait?
    It really depends on the situation, how good management is, and if the person realizes that they had a mishap. I would hope that many of these circumstances, the nurses learned a lesson. In my mishap, I confronted both CNA and Nurse, took it to the management, and did it immediately.
  2. by   nannybrown
    I've been a nurse (LPN) for almost 20 years, and am now in the LPN bridge to RN program...Believe me, I have a lot of stories, not only about other nurses, but a few about myself as well...(we'll get to those some other time...maybe) Anyway, I worked with a nurse one time that scared the you-know-what out of me. I mean, she was just that d!!! Although there were several instances, one is funny-scarrier than the rest....She was supposed to insert a foley into an elderly woman w/contractures in both LE. She did have sense enough to ask how to go about it. Another nurse told her to turn her to her side and go in thru the back (since you couldn't pry her LE apart) I bet you all can figure where I'm going w/this...Yup!! She inserted into the rectum!!! NO Urine return! Inflated the bulb and told the CNA to come back and check for urine later!! The CNA told both myself and another co-worker that this nurse had pulled the catheter out, reinserted, then decided outloud that she had been incontinent and didn't have any "residual"!!!! We tried to ask this nurse if she could have "misplaced the foley, but she just got mad and ran to the DON and whined that we were picking on her. (course, we fixed the problem after the DON learned the truth but it took many more screw ups before 3 mos. later she was finally fired.
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    Quote from teeituptom
    One of our nurses came to work without her makeup on, that not only freaked me out but scared 10 yrs off my life Im sure.
    Now, was that really fair?? The woman may have been really tired...
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    Why is it when things start getting really fun around here someone needs take something personal and derail the whole thing?
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    Ok, I have finally read all of these and even though I know i have made my definite share of mistakes......... I feel so much better about myself!!!!
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    Quote from Quickbeam
    I worked night shift in pediatrics for over 10 years. We were always short staffed and the physical plant was huge so you ran miles all night. I worked with an older (60's) nurse who had come back to work after 35 years at home.

    Her "technique" for keeping her assignment quiet was to tape their mouths shut! I'm not kidding, I'd find infants and toddlers with pink tape over their mouths, often keeping a pacifier in place. Yes, I talked to her/reported it to the management staff, etc. She was warned. She didn't do it anymore but always held it against me..."gee, what's your problem? It works!"...sigh.
    Isn't that abuse? I don't understand why this wasn't reported to the board. I would have. Of course that doesn't mean anything will happen to stop it. I am being accused right now of something I didn't do by some weird wife of a pt. and I am worried about it. And now I hear about this. Hospice fired me right away and now they are doing a peer review which I am pretending not to know about. This is why nursing is the way it is. There are no real rules. Just do what you can and never report any mistake if it will never be discovered. I am sorry but that is the way I feel. Because you never know what will happen. It is just to arbitrary. If they really cared then things would be more fair.
  7. by   sungoddess
    :uhoh21: Here's one I was fairly new at a LTC facility I heard a patient screaming in her room, there was another LPN in the room, the screaming continued, I knocked and entered the room asked "can I help?".... The LPN stated " everything is ok I am taking out these staples on her hip and she is screaming..... I observed the LPN for a moment, and told her that you are removing the staples with scissors and NOT the staple remover..... The staples were NOT poped open, just pulled through the poor patients skin....OUCH!!! Bellaluna
  8. by   goingnuts
    Quote from aprilleverett
    While in nursing school I worked as a CNA part time. One night the LPN that was working over me asked if I wanted to watch her put in a foley because we were getting ready to do lab check offs on it in class. I was excited and went to watch her do this. I watched her as she carefully set up her sterile field, when she got to the lube she opened the foil package with her teeth, then squirted it all over the foley tip, which she was holding with her bare hand. After cleaning the lady with betodine she went to insert the foley. Even I could see the urethral opening, this lady had actually had fully inflated foleys pulled out before, so it was almost impossible to miss. She went to insert it, and she missed... went in the wrong hole. I was like well, I'll get you another foley, she was like no, it's ok. She made the same mistake 5 times, each time attempting to insert the dirty foley into the urethra. Finally she's like well I guess I'll get a new foley so she laid the dirty one on the lady's bed. She was almost out the door when she turned back around and is like, maybe i'll try it one more time. And she did, and she got it that time. I told the DON about this but nothing ever got done, and fyi the lady did get a raging uti and died of urosepsis.
    Doesn't surprise me. Trust me you better get used to this kind of stuff as it only gets worse.
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from adrienurse
    Why is it when things start getting really fun around here someone needs take something personal and derail the whole thing?

    Ok, that would be me that did that.

    Insulting someone's natural physical appearence because they aren't wearing makeup is rude and uncalled for. :stone
  10. by   jojotoo
    Quote from teeituptom
    I have worked with her for over 10 yrs

    first I ever saw her with her makeup off

    very scary

    and here halloween is coming also

    I've got to tell you, that when I wake up and before I take a shower and do my hair and out on my makeup - I've scared myself! I think that there were a couple of times that I even scared the cats!! (But I do clean up pretty good.)
  11. by   christymwinn
    Quote from jojotoo
    I've got to tell you, that when I wake up and before I take a shower and do my hair and out on my makeup - I've scared myself! I think that there were a couple of times that I even scared the cats!! (But I do clean up pretty good.)
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    I have had those days myself!!!!
  12. by   grace90
    Oh, man! Next time I think I am having a bad day, I will remember this. At least you can laugh about it now!

    Quote from slinkeecat
    This just happened to me yesterday.... Freaked me out...and then I laughed...

    I went to assess my pt who was receiving Packed RBC's....The offgoing nurse told me that she had to put the unit of rbc's in a pressure bag, because he only had a 22g iv access and the previous bag took forever to infuse...he is a bad stick due previous hospitalizations for various gi problems requiring phenergan so his veins suck... she also told me the pt was a&ox3 and she did alot of pt education about the infusion process, why she put it in a pressure bag....etc...
    well, apparently the gentleman wanted to go smoke very badly and she told him he could after the last unit infused.... Tells me all of this in report.... Soooo, after report, I go into his room to check the infusion and etc... just as the gentleman is squeezing the bladder on the pressure bag to infuse the blood quicker and....boom!!! the bag explodes and I am drenched in blood, I jump backwards and the meal tray table falls over, making a loud crash noise, my co-workers come running from hearing the commotion and they thought I had been shot in the head and chest....lol...I am grossed out and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror... I look like I am in a scene from the movie "carrie"... I walk out of the room.... a pt ambulating in the hall swoons at the sight of me, the PT aide catches her, I go to help her and I slip and fall from the urine of the lady who lost her bladder as she swooned....

    I then had to go to the staff bathroom and shower and change into scrubs...
    Luckily, the nurse Iwas releiving stayed and took care of my patients until i got cleaned up and she kept apologizing....totally not her fault... She is a nonsmoker and had no idea of the lengths a three pack a day smoker will go to when they are jones'ing for a cigerette.

    So there you have it.... Just another day in paradise....
  13. by   geneann64
    u have to be kidding me tell me that every nurse knows this is crazy