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  1. What a nerve! Thats why you have caller ID
  2. just when you think you have heard it all...
  3. aileenve

    Written up and confused.

    Shocking!! I worked in hospice for 5 years and mouth care is done on everyone, I would wonder if her LOC was diminished why she was being fed, could be the Mgr did not want to answer questions about her care to family.
  4. aileenve

    How to fail clinical

    My first clinical was a nightmare, I had to wear the nurses hat, have my shoulder length hair off my collar, my hair would never stay up and my hat always slid off, my instructor gave me the impression I would fail and then when it was over, she said "you were one of my best students" whew! I'm glad those days gone. There is no reason for an instructor to act like a drill sargent.
  5. aileenve

    Patient requests

    "Cover me up! "
  6. aileenve

    Dear Nurses: Please Forgive Me

    As family members as well as nurses we have to remember our first duty is to the patient, I have been on both sides of this and when my father was dying he called the nurses and asked for them to send me home! Being difficult only causes stress to the patient, we have to put the patient feelings above our own even though it hurts.
  7. I only cared about Christmas, Easter, not so much the others unless there were special plans... I especially like that it is less hectic at work!
  8. aileenve

    The War On Fat

    I always ask my patients who may be: over weight, smokers, alcoholics or drug addicts, "are you interested in quitting? or receiving help for this problem? This works much better than childish and hostile name calling which makes the nurse look worse than the patient!
  9. aileenve

    Accused by a patient's family member of not assessing

    Sorry to hear you're in this situation, the grand-daughter sounds passive-agressive and might not even be a nurse; she sounds like she doesn't have nothing to do in life and gets enjoyment out of hurting others; what you need to do is write down your shift from the time you came on the unit until the end with particular emphasis on your care of this patient, there may be nothing to her complaint....good luck
  10. aileenve

    Obese lady

    Thank you for giving your time and compassion to some one who probably has never had a kind word from health care workers, I have seen and heard many nurses say terrible things about "fat, lazy patients" not to mention the ones who get angry if they are assigned to the morbidly obese. This is the one acceptable prejudice...:hug:
  11. aileenve

    problems with "too many chiefs" and etc in my LTC fac

    Sounds like they want to replace you because you 1) have senority and you are probably making more than the new nurses, 2) Your age, you are not fitting in with the clique, and 3) they want to change the facility. I would update the resume, put out some applications before resigning. Good luck, I know how you feel I am in an almost similar situation, only I am in an acute care hospital.. but they need me too much right now, they have a hard time keeping good staff, I am also a preceptor for a lot of the new nurses so they need me for now.
  12. aileenve

    Rant: I will SHOW you where it is

    Its amazing what some people get away with, but don't you try it!
  13. aileenve

    RN's are perfect human beings, aren't we?

    If only we would support one another
  14. Most people have to work for a living, raise children and cannot be available 24/7 to take care of Mom or Dad, thats the first thing, next, not everyone can be a caregiver, thats how so many home care patients end up in the hospital with a bed sore, dehydrated, underweight, and contracted! I'm not saying all but I have seen enough, especially near the holidays, our busy season is coming:mad:
  15. aileenve

    Problem Students

    I was preceptor to a grad nurse similar to the one mentioned; she spent more time texting than checking on her patients, when asked about specific things concerning her assignment, she always looked surprised and would say "oh, I wasn't aware of that"; shes out there working, hopefully safe