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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   Jvilleredhead
    I'm kinda like Jenny...I can handle most anything I've seen, talk about the grossest things during dinner, etc., but when my cat yucks up something....gags and dry heaves all the way!!
  2. by   imn2nursing
    O.K. I can think of lots of gross me out things. C-Diff is a biggie, but, I had a pt. that had a GI obstruction and had NG tube down but she started vomitting feces, right around her NG tube into the floor. She was sitting on the side of the bed and told me she was just "so" nauseous". I was standing in front of her, just finishing giving her some phenergan. I was patting her back and gagging at the same time. I apologized to her. She was soooo nice, and I felt so bad and I eventually after a few min. ran to her bathroom and lost it. I just felt bad for her. I just couldn't imagine throwing "that" up.ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  3. by   NurseShell
    I'm still in school, but I have to totally agree with the sputum, mucus thing - ick! I can't even watch my husband spit when he brushes his teeth!! Ostomy bag contents aren't much fun either! I'm sure as I progress in my career my experiences will hone down my "disgusts"...I cringe everytime our textbook says "describe x, y, z and odor" for whatever topic we are studying - ewwwww! Anything but smell!!!! ugh!
  4. by   BBFRN
    I can handle anything visual (unless something is crawling around in it). It's the smells that get to me. Anything with Pseudomonas makes me gag, and a couple of times someone has placed Mucomyst in an open container in the med room, and I almost lost my lunch.
  5. by   coowip
  6. by   JazzyRN
    #3 as everyone said flying sputum when suctioning a trach ( i caught it on the face one day and was thoroughly disgusted)

    #2 GI bleed stinky stools, I hate having to do FOBs on them, i get oh so nauseous smelling the stuff

    #1 has to go to mrsa infected stage 4 ulcers, no smell quite like it, i know there's mrsa in the wound when i start gagging during a dressing change
  7. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Originally posted by Rex
    lets see I do fine with just about what ever is thrown at me with excetion of those nasty gag reflexing luggies that dont come out. But once in our small town ER we had this farmers wife come in with an unable to void problem she was nasty hadnt bathed in years senerio I was working with an agency RN (this was back when I was a Tech) when we went to cath her we found chicken feathers the nurse lost it. and I was traumatized for ever. ewwwyyaaaak
    :roll :roll

    ....Hilarious! I hate big,green, chunky earwax. I had a patient eat his in front of me once. Still can't look at q-tips.
  8. by   clhsunfire
    Let's see. What freaks me out.....Well, I work as a home health aide with a patient that has a trach, so sputum doesn't bother me in the least. Poop, no biggy-it's just natural. Vomit, also natural. Well to get to the bottom of it: I had a liver and a kidney transplant and a colectomy, so I pretty much experienced it all myslef without being a nurse. I had the JP drains (3 at once), the NG tubes, the central lines, the foleys, six IV;s at once, over 100 staples in 3 surgeries. Hmmmmmmm, did I forget anything? Oh yes I've had quite a few liver biopsies and colonoscopies before. Drank that nasty golightly too. So, I;'ve seen it , felt it, smelt it, and dealt it.
  9. by   Mira
    I just love the slurping sound of mucus from the trachy suctioning(boarder peds in NICU), but what make my stomach turn is the melena+intestinal worms(looking back when I was working in Endoscopy), really horrible.
  10. by   Coldfoot
    Originally posted by fyrnymph
    I am failry season nurse and the one thing that just gets way under my skin and grosses me out is nails....
    I once had to assit with the removal of an ingrown toenail the sound that the nail made when it seperated from the toe.... yuck
    I have goosebumps just thinking about it
    OHH THANK GOODNESS! I was begining to think I was a freek!
    Nails get me more than anything I've seen in 7 years of emergency medicine. Any nail injury to me is like someone running their fingers down a chalk board

    The worst I had was a guy that was wearing sandals. He had his foot against his suitcase and when he lifted the case ripped the nail (My feet are CURLING) off his graet toe!!!!!! I couldn't walk into the room flat footed.

    Man, my wife can't even file her nails in the car with me.
  11. by   MrsK1223
    I once passed out in highschool when a drama teacher was describing her mother's hip replacement surgery...then in nursing school was being taught about a similar thing and did it again...anything with broken bones makes me shiver. I worked as a derm nurse where toenail extractions were common...I watched a couple and absolutely could not stand it...i felt it almost. Now I work in GI and I can't stand the sound of mucous and such when we do bronchoscopies. We also do colonoscopies and for the most part haven't had much of a reaction till today...a patient had a really foul stinky bm sometime before we started after she had supposedly been given enemas till clear....i have to wonder. That smell had my gag reflex jerking away. Big deep wounds are something I haven't got used to either.
  12. by   gizzy76
    The grossest thing I have ever seen (and I put it on another post as well) was this little ol lady on the LTC unit where I work who takes out her glass eyes and washes it in her mouth! Meanwhile, there is green discharge around her eye!

  13. by   PowercarveJen
    This is a great thread!
    So far I have only found 2 things that gross me out
    1. Acsending colostomy in whic the pt had c-dif
    2. 1500cc emesis of blood, no saliva spit or other...just the dark red stuff. It was quite possibly the grossest thing I have ever smelled..Yuck!
    I can handle sputum and most fecal matter but the c-dif colostomy was awful.