What does it cost to live?

  1. I hear quite a few times that the cost of living is less in places. I al so hear that wages allow a person to live comfortably on less. I'd like to know what the cost of living is where you live. Please give a monthly estimate for your "middle class" standard of living. Anyone can sleep under a bridge and eat out of garbage or live on charity.

    My estimates are:

    Home $ 1500
    Auto $ 1000
    Utilities $ 250
    Food $ 250
    Entertainment $ 250
    Retirement $ 250
    General Expences $ 400
    Credit Card $ 200

    Total $ 4100 needed after taxes

    add child support $ 800

    $ 4900

    add to net for taxes ( X 1.20 ) $ 5880 per month

    $ 70,560.00 per year ! is needed for me to live at a "moddle class standard of living. Since I do not have a spouse to make the other half of the income necessary.

    Please let me know what it costs to live "middle Class" Whwew you are. Also, tell me if I am out of line with any of these "Midle Class"figures.
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  3. by   Aussienurse2
    O.K., Australia, small town three hours from Brisbane.

    House- we paid sixty grand for the house ( Bigtime Bargain av.price ninety to one-twenty)
    Groc- five hundred a fortnight ( four boys, hubby, dog, 3cats, bird, fish )
    Car- About fifty a month on fuel and five hundred a year in rego.
    Utilities- about a hundred a month.
    Sports for the kids- sixty a week.

    We dont have time to go out very often but when we do it costs a fortune because we deserve it!!

    Hubbys on thirty-five grand a year before tax, I'm on twenty-five. We need about sixty to seventy to have a comfortable life and pay for the kids to go on to higher education. We also have a few investment homes for our retirement which pay for themselves.

    Once I have my R.N.s it'll be onwards and upwards for us.
  4. by   fergus51
    This is monthly? I think your figures are high (especially home and car) or you might just be accustomed to a better middle class than me! Middle class to me is more around 40K american.

    House: 1 200$ (mortgage payment on my townhouse)
    Car: 600$ (1998 ford)
    Utilities: 200$
    Food: about 350$ (because I eat out often)
    Entertainment: 200$
    Credit card: Never carry more than 200$ balance, because credit cards are death to finances
    Savings (retirement and my vacation fund): whatever is left

    Which gives me 2 750 plus retirement and savings money. I manage to save a few hundred a month. I don't live extravagantly, but I am comfortable and I manage to take a good vacation every 2 years at least to satisfy my travellust.
    I am in Canada and these are all Canadian dollars.
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  5. by   bassbird
    I think I get off pretty reasonably, but we have been in the same condo since 1986 and have no kids

    House - $520 (includes assoc fee)
    Car - none, both are paid off 1993 and 1995
    Utilities - $184 (includes internet access)
    Food - $320
    Entertainment - $30
    Retirement - $830 max the IRA's and 20% of my paycheck
    General - $150
    Credit - pay it off every month

    I start my nursing job in two weeks, it will be interesting to see how my paycheck looks.
  6. by   kewlnurse
    $1000 for auto? are you driving a Mercedes or a Porshe?
    $250 for entertainment? Your obliously living pretty phat

    Housing $700
    Minivan $350
    Utilities not sure, $150
    Food, including diaper and formula, $500
    Greens fees: $300 for May through october at a muny course, so $50 a month plus once or twice at a nice cour, another $70
    CC bills, don't want to thing about it, about $300
    Misc loans $400
    Retirement? HAHAHAHA, gonna work till I drop dead.
    Savings $0
    Misc stuff $100
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  7. by   bhppy
    Rent: $1000
    Auto $ 250 (for 2 vehicles)
    Utilities $100
    Food $ 375
    Entertainment $ 200
    Retirement $ 250
    General Expences $ 200
    Credit Card $ 200

    These are in Canadian $$ housing is expensive out here but the rest, food, clothing is reasonably priced.

  8. by   Ortho_RN
    Well here is my bills in Arkansas (includes hubby)

    Home $ 850
    Auto $ 950 (2000 Xterra & 2002 Chevy Avalanche)
    Utilities $ 200
    Food $ 300 (eat out alot also)
    Entertainment $ 150
    Retirement $ not sure
    General Expences $ 225
    Credit Card $ 200
  9. by   nursejws
    Rent: $715 ($815 for two more months-pet deposit)
    Auto: $950 (2 Leased)
    Utilities: $250 (including internet)
    Food: $300
    Entertainment: $20
    Credit Card: $650 (YIKES)
    Insurance: $173(auto and renters)
    General Expenses: $300
    Retirement: $hmm, not sure, hubby set that up

    Reality check!! When I get a job, which I hope to hear by the end of the week, those credit cards are getting paid off and cut up!!! We're in Dallas.
  10. by   LasVegasRN
    No State or city tax, whee!!
  11. by   soon2bLPN
    Home $430.00
    Auto $270.00 (1998 Astro Van)
    Utilities $ 300.00
    Food $250.00
    CreditCard $ 300.
    Insurance $180.00
    Hubby pay $250.00 in child support
  12. by   delirium
    What the hell? $1000/month for your CAR? Dang. Here's my breakdown:

    Mortgage: $700
    Car: $400 (that's payment and insurance for a Ford Mustang, insurance for the paid off Volvo, and my partner has a work truck that her employer pays for)
    Utilities: around $250 (with internet)
    Credit cards: $300 or more, if I can swing it... need to pay off those damn cards
    Food: $250, a lot of convenience food
    Entertainment: what's that?
    Ebay: oh, that should have gone on entertainment. Currently I have whittled my ebay spending down to $100/month or so...
    Medical bills: $100

    I'm really looking forward to paying off the credit cards once I get out of school and maybe purchasing a newer vehicle.
  13. by   pkmom
    i think we eat too much

    Food :$500, that includes stuff like laundry detergent, diapers, and eating out which we rarely do.
    house: $615
    Cars: 0 paid off
    utilities: $250 including internet and security
    credit debt: 0 for now
    Entertainment: about$25 we rent movies
    traveling: $100, family is in the next state
    Insurance:car: $75
    retirement: that's a dream, that will have to wait until I get out of school. oh yeah, tuition we are saving $100 a month hoping that will get us close enough.
  14. by   sandstormsdust
    lets see... hummm

    200.00 one room with use of other rooms
    100.00 food
    150.00 for all the clothing, detergent etc
    60.00 for license and insurance without the car.
    40.00 to credit cards
    100.00 for diepers etc a month