What do you think about a school that won't give you stats for their nursing program?

  1. Do you think that would raise a red flag?

    I'm interested in the program at UT-Arlington and asked about the average GPA's, retention and passing rates, etc. The admissions counselor said they do not have that information. Every nursing school I've looked at has some kinf of info.
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  3. by   ohmeowzer RN
    the board of nursing should have the NCLEX pass rates on their web site... that should really be your main concern,,,
  4. by   GeneralJinjur
    I think attrition rates are also useful. Dumping 3/4 of their students to maintain a beautiful NCLEX pass rate wouldn't make me happy (I'm not saying that UT-A does this). If the office won't give you the info, check the class schedule and go hang out when a nursing class is letting out. At my school, we students are only too happy to gripe about attrition rates!
  5. by   ImThatGuy
    See if you can use FOIA.
  6. by   sharpeimom
    is the nursing program a new one? it takes time to be able to give any stats if it's a new or newish program.
  7. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from nvsmom
    do you think that would raise a red flag?
    no, this is common in my area. my adn program stopped providing the information after they were sued by a girl who was not admitted. she felt she fell under the stats for admissions and was unfairly rejected. thus, the school stopped posting their stats. the only stats you can find about my school and many of the local schools in my area are the nclex pass rates because the state bon posts them for all to see.

    when i was a pre-nursing student i found out information by talking to current graduates and students within various coherts and made up my own stats... i figured the retention rate for my program was 40%-50% from start to finish this way, which is not bad considering my mba program had a retention rate of 30%.
  8. by   nvsmom
    Oh I found it...thanks for the info. The passing rate is 90%
  9. by   TDCHIM
    You might still find the name of the program director, ask for any information along those lines you didn't find for yourself, and mention that admissions isn't being terribly forthcoming with that sort of data. I can tell you, that sort of reticence would raise a red flag for me, no matter what the program or school, but especially at a public institution.
  10. by   HouTx
    UT-Arlington has a wonderful reputation in TX. They have consistently been 'ahead of the curve' -adapting to the changing environment over the last 20 years. If the OP is accepted, definite KUDOS are in order!!!

    I find it sorta funny - a lot of people rage and rant about how hard it is to get in to NS - unreasonable criteria, astronomical GPAs, etc. At the same time, there is another bunch complaining about attrition rate.... hmmmm. Seems to me that something is fishy here. Even with very stringent entrance criteria, we can't improve attrition. I wonder what's up? Should admission be based on some criteria that we aren't even looking at now? Personality characteristics (masochists)? Physical endurance?
  11. by   caliotter3
    Lack of cooperation in answering your question might be a good indicator of how you can expect to be treated should you become a student there.